Friday, December 25, 2009

When Santa came....

Every year on Christmas eve,
The little girl stood in her tattered frock,
With tears welled up in her eyes,
Holding her empty tiny sock....

Santa never got anything for her,
No chocolates, no toys, no books,
All she did, on each Christmas eve,
Was cleaning floors and dirty nooks....

Her heart pined each time,
For gifts, colorful and bright,
But she never got anything, poor dear,
Though she stayed up crying all night,

This year was no different,
She sat alone in her room,
The mistress walked in, uncaring,
And handed her a broom....

She could take it no more,
She threw the broom and ran to church,
She knelt down with folded hands under Jesus,
Her innocent eyes, still in search....

And then he entered from somewhere,
And took her in his arms,
She looked up, all of a sudden,
And saw him, smiling and calm....

He took her to a lovely place,
Gave her a new home,
Jesus had finally answered her prayers,
Today her Santa had come!!!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blessed or Cursed?

Blessed with eyes, but no time to stop and stare,
Blessed with ears, but kind words are just so rare,
Blessed with a voice, but cannot sing the heart's song,
Blessed with a mind, but no control over the wrong,
Blessed with legs, but gates closed everywhere,
Blessed with hands, but few to hold onto and care,
Blessed with a heart, that keeps getting hurt,
Blessed with so much, but is it all really worth,
All the pain?, my question unanswered,
Are we really blessed or cursed?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you, dear God....

Thank you, dear God,
For granting me these eyes,
To see everything around,
All the beauty that lies…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For giving me these ears,
To hear the music of nature,
And the loving words of everyone dear… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For giving these hands to me,
For touching and feeling and holding onto,
My loved ones dearly… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For these legs that you gave me,
The freedom to run around,
And to be wherever I want to be…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this little heart within me,
Which beats inside me always,
Reminding me to love constantly… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this brain mighty,
Which helps me make life’s decisions,
And always keeps a check on me…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this beautiful gift called life, friends and family,
Thanks for protecting me silently,
And for always being a part of me!!!!

P.S. On my b'day I just want to thank God, my family, friends and well-wishers for everything that they have given me.... I am what I am because of all the love you guys have give me.... I also take this opportunity to apologise for any thing that has gone wrong on my part... Life is beautiful, and I love life... I love my family very much.. and I love my friends... I can never thank God enough for this beautiful life..!!!

Oops... and I almost forgot to wish myself.. Happy 21 Mona... Rock on!!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This diwali....

This time
Let us not
Burn down money and lives
By bursting crackers when people burn to death
Let us show some humanity
For they are
God’s children
And you
So let’s strive
To bring about a change
Light candles of hope and lanterns of joy
Let there be goodwill’s reign
On this diwali
Let there

Please don't burst crackers this diwali!!.... This post is dedicated to all those millions of children working in factories at Sivakasi who lose their lives in fire accidents and due to poisoning.... To all those people who die of pollution and noise every year.... To all those who are starving on the streets today... LET THERE BE LIGHT FOR THEM!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Memories of you, I still retain,
Uncried tears, untold pains,
The unsung lyrics of our incomplete love,
Will you ever sing them to me again?

That incomplete touch, which I still feel,
That incomplete wound, that doesn't heal,
Those unwanted feelings that clutter my brain,
Those unspoken words that drive me insane....

My broken heart, it still beats,
It wanders alone, in lonely streets,
My incomplete soul, wandering without your soul,
Will you ever come back to make it whole?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Man Machine!!!

Gotta go, gotta catch a flight,

If things go wrong, can't set them right,

Nobody gets a second chance,

Be it career or romance,

What a life, full of worry,

No time to rest, always hurry,

No time to think, No time to feel,

Gotta go, sign some stupid deal,

Money, fame, money, fame,

It's all part of the game,

Oh God, what a pitiable scene,

There's no man left, only machines..!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There was a time,
When passions burned,
There was a time,
When the soul yearned....
To live, to love,
To laugh, to grow,
Eager to learn,
Eager to know....

The fire was ablaze then,
With the brightest flame,
And then came the transition,
For which there's no one to blame....

From fire to ice,
Emotions hardened, became cold,
Tears frozen, heart numb,
Painful thoughts remain untold....

A spark, I await now,
To rekindle the extinguished fire,
One day the ice shall melt,
And flow as the river of desire!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The last time it was struck hard,
My heart shattered like brittle glass,
It pierced through each part of me,
And all I could do, was to let time pass....

And slowly and steadily,
The wounds began to heal,
I grew stronger and happier,
A faint ache was all I could feel....

But each wound leaves behind a scar,
And these wounds left many too,
Reminding me of the painful past,
And of what I've gone through....

And whenever I try to love someone,
A chill runs down my spine,
It's become difficult to hold onto,
Any relation of mine....

I recovered from heart break once,
But I am not strong enough to bear more pain,
It would destroy me, if I have another,
And that's why I am scared to love again!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What does a woman want...?

Sometimes… a woman just wants to be hugged tightly by her man… to know that she’s cared for… that those arms will protect her from the unkind world… that she will never be left alone…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a simple smile on her man’s face… reassuring her that life isn’t that bad… that mistakes do happen but they will fade with time… that no matter what she does he’ll still love her…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a pat on the back from her man… to know that she has done well… that she has lived up to his expectations… that she is not a weakling but someone with profound strength… that he believes in her and is proud of her…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a sweet peck on the cheek from her man… to tell her how special she is and will always be… to show togetherness in the walk of life... and to make her realize that he will always support her….

Sometimes… a woman just wants to look straight into the eyes of her man… and see love, pure love… and nothing else… see her reflection in his eyes… and know that they may be two bodies… but they are united as one soul!

That’s all a woman wants… to be protected, reassured, appreciated, supported, cared for… and most of all… to be loved, like no one else!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mighty heart!!

Don’t know when I listened to you last,
When I followed what you say,
But hey, you never fell apart,
You stayed the same, all the way…!

You were trampled upon by so many,
And broken by a few too,
But you’ve mended yourself amazingly,
You are always as good as new…!

You beat inside me even now,
Silently supporting me through,
All the trials and tribulations,
And all the sadness too!

Oh mighty heart, I am sorry,
For not knowing your worth before,
It’s impossible to lead life,
Without you, for sure...!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Through the chaos I walk,

Today, I am at peace,

I am myself, today,

My soul, no one can seize....

I feel no hatred today,

Nothing's ugly to me,

In each face, in each place,

Beauty is all I can see....


Today, I put up no act,

I show no pretence,

And suddenly things seem right,

Everything seems to make sense....


Today, I don't care,

About what others have to say,

I know what I want to do,

And I do it in my own way....


I feel no pain today,

No guilt, no shame, no unease,

Leaving each bit of sorrow behind,

I walk, in peace....


My blindfold's finally removed,

Today, I see what I could never see,

All I need to be happy,

Is nothing, but to be 'me'!!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009


(This form of poetry is known as Fib poetry... It follows the Fibbonacci sequence i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 ... I ve tried a Fib and a reverse Fib)

Your tears,
Flow away and,
Your fears, find a way,
The pain deep inside, so difficult to hide,
Let it flow and evaporate, leaving no signs, of the existence it had,
Let the water run, wash away your scars,
Heal all of your wounds,
Make you strong,
To face,

Sunday, April 5, 2009


In the mirror I see a stranger

Keep searching for my identity,
Nowhere, I can find,
On an unknown path,
Walking, aimless and blind....

Neither joy, nor sorrow,
Or hopes of tomorrow,
Thrown away, I travel, like an aimless arrow....

Waking up each day, to nothingness,
Hints I search for, I try to guess,
Oblivious to the world, I am, hopeless!

Inside out, from head to toe, I scan myself....

Aware I am, of nothing at all,
Much like a wandering leaf in the fall....


Friday, March 27, 2009

The mermaid....

The graceful mermaid swam,
In the clear blue sea,
He lay, carefree, on the sand,
Watching her admiringly....

His gaze fixed on her,
And then their eyes met,
Lost into each other's eyes,
They remained, till sunset....

As darkness took over them,
She dived back into the sea,
He still waited searching for her signs,
He just couldn't set himself free....

Finally, he turned, tired of searching,
And not finding her anywhere in sight,
In hope of meeting her again,
He stayed awake all night....

Next day, he ran to the sea,
And waited for her on the beach,
He knew she was somewhere under the water,
So close, yet, so out of reach....

His soul craved for her love,
Finally, he decided to dive,
He plunged deep into the water,
Not caring about whether he would survive....

He swam around looking for her,
The water flowing into his lungs, taking away his breath,
He was losing hope of finding her,
And going closer and closer to death....

"Probably, she doesn't even love me", he thought,
He couldn't bear the pain anymore,
He swam back and got a big shock,
There, she lay, lifeless, on the shore....

He swept her into his arms,
And dived back into the water,
Not being able to share life together,
He decided to share death with her....

Finally they met in heaven,
Separated by no boundary,
Entwined in each other's love,
They remained, till eternity!!!


This form of poetry is called "Acrostic Poetry" where the first letter of each line makes up a word and the word represents the gist of the poetry. This form of poetry was taught to me by Ms. Pratibha Sofat (or Prats, as we lovingly call her)....

Devoid of joy, faith and trust,
Entrapped, entwined, for freedom, I lust,
Misery engulfs me more and more,
Embedding sorrow deep into my core,
Nothing seems right, nothing seems nice,
Tense is each moment, filled with my cries,
Emerging, the poison of hatred, taking its toll,
Demented, destroyed, denuded - my soul!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


( Dedicated to all the guys who do not care about hurting the feelings of girls
hope this poem is a lesson for all of you...)

You came into my life one day,
All set to woo me,
Don’t know why the jerk in you,
That time I couldn’t see…

Jerk, you called me every day,
And never failed to praise,
You kept trying to impress me,
In just so many ways…

And finally, I fell for you,
Oh jerk, you had won,
You knew, you had me trapped,
And now you could have fun…

I sincerely cared for you,
I was the fish trapped in your bait,
But, thankfully I saw your true colors,
Before it was too late!

So jerk don’t think that you can play with me,
And then roam scot-free,
I’ll teach you a lesson which you,
Won’t forget till eternity!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Courtesy Hashan Hazarika... he tagged us all on WL... I was supposed to type out 25 random things about myself... so here it goes...

1. I almost always have a bad hair day!

2. I hate typing out SMSes ... I would rather call!

3. I am terrified of lizards, dogs and ghosts! I can't handle horror movies!!!

4. I do NOT like pani puri

5. I cannot control my sleep

6. I have two big central teeth like bugs bunny!

7. I am claustrophobic ( I've got fear of closed spaces)!

8. I have a sweet tooth!

9. When I was a kid I actually invented a comic series called Roseman, Sweetman and Superman!

10. I am NOT scared of cockroaches

11. The first ever poem that I wrote was 'Idli'

12. I used to write 'b' for 'd' and 'd' for 'b' till fourth grade!

13. I still sleep next to my mom

14. I had actually threatened my kintergarden teacher that I' ll complain about her to my dad and he would teach her a lesson!

15. I don't know a single thing about politics!

16. I can't cook!

17. I am bad at remembering addresses and figuring them out!

18. I love to go for walks!

19. I can dance on any song at any point of time... I just need a reason to start dancing!

20. I hate shopping for shoes!

21. I am very good at remembering song lyrics!

22. I am allergic to cucumber!

23. I love day dreaming!

24. I love using Post-It pads and reminders!

25. I love reading fairy tales and classics!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The key....

Two boxes hold my fate today,
They shall decide my destiny,
Will my life be beautiful,
Depends on whether I find the right key....

One box holds victory and success,
With love, laughter and care,
Life really wouldn't hold much meaning,
If this box wouldn't be there....

The other is filled with defeat and sorrow,
With competition, guilt and greed,
To appreciate the value of the first box's contents,
This box, I definitely need....

The two keys attract me equally,
So, finally I decide,
That I need to strike a balance between both,
And open both the boxes wide....

With trust and hope and confidence,
This mighty problem I fix,
I take all the contents,
And come up with a fantastic mix!

I realise, life is all about sugar and spice,
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win,
Right and wrong keys just don't exist,
For, the key to happiness lies within!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Devil Is Born

My faith put to test,
My heart beats no more,
I sleep in unrest,
As sorrow knocks on my door,
I know no comfort,
I know of no joy,
Each part of me hurts,
This pain, I want to destroy,
I wake up to a world of misery,
To a world of mistrust,
I am fed up of other's treachery,
And my feelings just lie and rust.....

And now my blood boils,
I feel different, I feel strange,
My inner self toils,
Now, I seek revenge,
I no longer feel weary,
I feel powerful, I feel strong,
I grow ugly, I grow scary,
To a different genre, now I belong,
Conceived in moments of distress,
From emotions shattered and torn,
From the womb of helplessness,
Now, the devil is born!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Failure - the biggest inspiration!!!!

It’s only when things go wrong,
That we try to set them right,
Only when life pulls us down,
Do we put up a big fight,
Only when we fall down,
We struggle to reach the height,
And only after darkness,
Does the world appear bright….

There’s no joy without trouble,
No achievement without struggle,
No pleasure without pain,
And no sunshine without rain,
No laughter without tears,
No bravery without fear,
No rose without thorns,
And without dusk, no dawn….

Sorrow gives us strength,
And misery gives rise to desire,
When life turns all blue,
Hope is what ignites the fire,
Smooth roads are no fun,
For obstacles give determination,
Defeat is what pushes us towards victory,
Failure is, but, the biggest inspiration!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time and tide wait for no man....

Entangled in this maze of time,
As seconds and minutes tick away,
To keep up in this rat race,
We got to struggle each day....
No one can stop time,
And no one can bring it back,
Only the present is yours,
So learn to fight, to attack!

What is gone will never come,
Present will become past soon,
So what if things didn't go as planned,
Each new day is a boon...

Don't regret yesterday, and wait for tomorrow,
Live today as much as you can,
Put in your best, put yourself to the test,
Because time and tide wait for no man!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


This one's for my mom...
माँ..... ममता की मूरत,
माँ..... इस दिल की चाहत,
माँ..... भगवान का रूप,
माँ..... सुखों की धूप,
माँ..... प्यार का सागर,
माँ..... खुशियाँ भरे आकर,
माँ..... दे सही सीख,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ ठीक,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन अधूरा,
माँ..... कर दे आकर पूरा,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन में अँधेरा,
माँ..... ही तो है सब कुछ मेरा,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ सही,
माँ..... के जैसा कोई नही!!!!!!!!
Love you lots, Mom!!! You mean the world to me....!
Dedicated to all the mothers... Mothers are those angels who shower us with unconditional love and care, through thick and thin they are always there!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


When in my life is happiness dated?,
Oh, I feel so under-rated,
Why am I so ill-fated?,
Life is just so complicated!

Feels like I am tied up with unbreakable ropes,
Into seas of hopelessness, are lost my hopes,
I climb, it's futile, I reach the top,
But I slip, I fall down from life's slopes.....

I come out as ugly-faced,
My true self's hidden, it's encased,
My efforts futile, my life's a waste,
And the truth has such a horrible taste!

I have made a thousand wrong moves,
And I have, but, no excuse,
I could die, I have nothing to lose,
But to fight and live on, I choose!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let today be no exception....

Each morning as the sun rises high,
My dreams, my aspirations, touch the sky,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I am put to test,
And I gear up to give my best,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I struggle to proceed,
To move forward and take the lead,
Let today be no exception….

Each day there’s something new to do,
And each day I learn a lesson new,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I laugh a little more,
And each day I cry a little more,
Let today be no exception….

As each day knocks upon life’s door,
It teaches me to love a little more,
Let today be no exception….

Each day of life, is a new gift,
For us to enjoy, before it drifts,
Let today be no exception….!!!

Live life to the fullest.... Have a rocking year ahead filled with health, wealth and happiness... Happy 2009!!!