Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Through the chaos I walk,

Today, I am at peace,

I am myself, today,

My soul, no one can seize....

I feel no hatred today,

Nothing's ugly to me,

In each face, in each place,

Beauty is all I can see....


Today, I put up no act,

I show no pretence,

And suddenly things seem right,

Everything seems to make sense....


Today, I don't care,

About what others have to say,

I know what I want to do,

And I do it in my own way....


I feel no pain today,

No guilt, no shame, no unease,

Leaving each bit of sorrow behind,

I walk, in peace....


My blindfold's finally removed,

Today, I see what I could never see,

All I need to be happy,

Is nothing, but to be 'me'!!!!



Kartz said...

Yes, no one can seize your soul. After all, you choose how you wish to lead your life.

It is all about choice. Make it, before it makes you.

Message beautifully conveyed, Mona. Life is how one chooses to see it.

Hope your message reaches the masses.

Keep writing. Spread the voice.


Priyanka said...

dat ws such a sweet poem wid such nice thoughts yaar...

i loved d big smilie too :)

beautiful poem...big thoughts of lil finger! :P

was so inspiring too! :)

write more often naaa...kya once a week system hai ye! :D


wow! its a beautiful poem... so simple and yet thought provoking... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

loved the pic very much! :) :)

its ur smile na? beautiful msg & word selections! :)

ur the rhyme goddess for sure!


Mona you know exactly how to bring life into every single thing that you right...your work is just amazing and keep writing always...