Monday, November 28, 2011

Bleeding diamond....

I am the dazzling diamond everyone adores,

I am the object of everyone’s desire,

I am precious and rare,

And so very difficult to acquire...

I am everyone’s envy,

Be it pearls, jewels or beads,

I hold supreme power,

I can cut till you bleed!

Once upon a time I lay,

Deformed, black and crude,

Nobody loved me back then,

And nobody understood...

I vowed to change myself one day,

I wanted to be loved by all,

And in the process of acquiring fame,

I forgot to answer my inner call

I left my beloved behind,

To rise and attain glory,

And here I am, desirable yet lonely,

With no one to complete my story...

And millions, gazillions love me today,

They only see me shine,

But nobody knows that my heart,

Still lies in that coal mine...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The house of cards...

The house of cards stood precariously,

Trembling under the weight of its floors,
She didn't foresee, any calamity,
Simply kept adding more and more...

Each card she placed, whether jack or ace,
Made her swell with pride,
The captivating beauty was all she could see,
She never saw the dangers that it did hide...

And slowly, her faith grew fairly strong,
With passion and zeal, she built on,
Never once did she falter, or stop to think,
That some day it could all be gone...

And so, the house stood, strong and tall,
It spoke of beauty and grace,
But soon a mighty gust of wind blew,
Demolishing it, leaving behind no trace...

Slowly she picked up, card after card,
Her heart stricken with grief and pain,
Each scattered card, a shattered dream,
She never managed to build the house again!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The shadow in the dark...

Creeping up stealthily,
That shadow in the dark,
Muffled footsteps kill the silence,
The contrast, so stark,
The air, still, no more,
Screeching winds start to blow,
My heartbeats rise and sink,
As fears start to grow,
He walks slowly towards me,
Surprisingly unarmed,
And I think to myself
He can do me, no harm,
For he seems so fragile,
I almost instantly pity his state,
Not once do I doubt,
That his appearance could be a bait,
I raise my hand to ward him off,
He retraces, taken aback,
I tighten my fists, point them at him,
I can hear my knuckles crack,
Suddenly he starts moving towards me,
His grimness changes to a malicious grin.
And instantly, a shiver runs down my spine,
His confidence, makes my head spin,
A gust of wind, appears from nowhere,
The Window panes start to creak,
And through his firmly clenched teeth,
He slowly and carefully speaks,
Oh ignorant fool, so full of yourself.
Have you no sense, don't you know,
And didn't it ever occur to you,
That it takes light, to form a shadow....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoke and ash....

A throat, so parched,
With burning desire,
And the heat inside,
Smoldering, like fire,
I try to gulp some spirit,
But instantly spit out flames,
I search frantically for some respite,
To keep myself sane,
With trembling hands I light,
That tiny little match,
The fatal stick in my mouth,
Starts blazing in a flash,
Coughing up clouds,
I sit in a haze,
Caught up in this,
Self-created maze,
Startled I get up,
I don't want to surrender to fate,
And drown myself like this,
In this pool of hate,
Pangs of sorrow set in,
And I writhe on the floor,
The pain disables me, I scream,
But I say to myself, no more,
I get up and destroy,
All your remnants that enfeeble me,
I watch with bated breath,
As the flames engulf each memory,
Soon I realise, I never did need,
The crutches of tobacco or hash,
All I needed to see, to set myself free,
Was, your vestiges reducing,
To smoke and ash...!!!

P.S. Kill the pain... not yourself!!! \m/

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quitter's woe....

Whoever said quitting is easy,

It's the toughest thing to do,
To admit, after all, to oneself,
That you probably don't have it in you....

A quitter's agony can only be seen,
Through a quitter's own eyes,
He's someone who knows he can't succeed,
However much he tries....

And until a man has tried enough,
A man will never rest,
And a quitter does not quit before,
Putting himself to test....

Then why is it, that a quitter,
Appears like a loser to all,
He's just someone too tired of falling,
And simply wants, a chance to stand tall....

A quitter once, is not a quitter always,
But the world often forces him to be,
And in a world, so blinded by hate,
A quitter can't help but quit totally!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me and my crippled beliefs....

Me and my crippled beliefs,
We try hard to go forth,
But can't really take more than a few steps,
Without enough support...

Me and my crippled beliefs,
Struggling to maintain a pace,
But millions, gazillions, take the lead,
In this never-ending race...

Me and my crippled beliefs,
So many people have pushed us down,
That it's really hard to get up anymore,
In our sorrows, we drown...

But me and my crippled beliefs,
Broken and battered, we still crawl,
For hope drags us on, on this uncertain path,
One day, we shall stand tall...

And alone, we walk, side by side,
Nobody really understands our grief,
As we stagger quietly, towards our destiny,
Me, and my crippled beliefs!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Neither a thousand bullets nor a million needles can explain,

The pain, of not being able to feel any pain,

When hurt no longer hurts, and tears no longer flow,

And you simply fail to acknowledge sorrow,

When your fragile heart, slowly turns into stone,

And you no longer mind being alone,

And it no longer matters, what goes or comes,

What could be worse than being numb??!!!

P.S. Pain is important. It makes us human. \m/