Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The last time it was struck hard,
My heart shattered like brittle glass,
It pierced through each part of me,
And all I could do, was to let time pass....

And slowly and steadily,
The wounds began to heal,
I grew stronger and happier,
A faint ache was all I could feel....

But each wound leaves behind a scar,
And these wounds left many too,
Reminding me of the painful past,
And of what I've gone through....

And whenever I try to love someone,
A chill runs down my spine,
It's become difficult to hold onto,
Any relation of mine....

I recovered from heart break once,
But I am not strong enough to bear more pain,
It would destroy me, if I have another,
And that's why I am scared to love again!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What does a woman want...?

Sometimes… a woman just wants to be hugged tightly by her man… to know that she’s cared for… that those arms will protect her from the unkind world… that she will never be left alone…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a simple smile on her man’s face… reassuring her that life isn’t that bad… that mistakes do happen but they will fade with time… that no matter what she does he’ll still love her…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a pat on the back from her man… to know that she has done well… that she has lived up to his expectations… that she is not a weakling but someone with profound strength… that he believes in her and is proud of her…

Sometimes… a woman just wants a sweet peck on the cheek from her man… to tell her how special she is and will always be… to show togetherness in the walk of life... and to make her realize that he will always support her….

Sometimes… a woman just wants to look straight into the eyes of her man… and see love, pure love… and nothing else… see her reflection in his eyes… and know that they may be two bodies… but they are united as one soul!

That’s all a woman wants… to be protected, reassured, appreciated, supported, cared for… and most of all… to be loved, like no one else!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mighty heart!!

Don’t know when I listened to you last,
When I followed what you say,
But hey, you never fell apart,
You stayed the same, all the way…!

You were trampled upon by so many,
And broken by a few too,
But you’ve mended yourself amazingly,
You are always as good as new…!

You beat inside me even now,
Silently supporting me through,
All the trials and tribulations,
And all the sadness too!

Oh mighty heart, I am sorry,
For not knowing your worth before,
It’s impossible to lead life,
Without you, for sure...!