Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wandering in vain,

With the long hidden pain,

You can't help but laugh out,

When you see jolly kids run about...

All alone on a cold night,

With not a soul in sight,

Helpless and shivering with fright,

Till you see that ray of light...

Getting drenched in untimely rain,

You think to yourself, "not again!",

Till suddenly a puddle comes your way,

And you jump into it and happily play...

When things have gone wrong all day long,

And you just can't figure out what went wrong,

Suddenly the phone rings, it's a long lost friend,

To your sorrows, he puts an end....

Through weary days and tough nights,

Through the long twisted path of life,

Sorrow does knock at your door once in a while,

But, there's always a reason to smile!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

roko naa mujhe duniyawalon....

roko na muze duinyavalo.,

Ab mE. na +k pa}.ga,, ifr ],

Apne raSte pr clta ja}.ga,

].gilya> ]#a0 cahe ko{,

ku7 krke bta}>ga,

AasuAo. ko pIkr, qud hsU>ga,

AOr dUsro. ko hsa}>ga,

idl me. mere ivXvas hE,

Ab har na manne pa}>ga,

cahe smz na pa0 muze ko{,

ku7 bnke idqa}>ga,

Apne spno. ko Aaj mE.,

sr Aaqo. pr bsa}>ga,

Apne mehnt ke dm pr,

0k n{ duinya sja}>ga,

AaxaAo. kI roxnI se,

n0 kl ka dIpk jla}>ga,

roko na muze duinyavalo.,

ik Ab mE. +k na pa}>ga||||


Through teary eyes… smile,

Through weary nights… smile,

Through painful days … smile,

Through tough ways… smile,

In sorrow…. smile,

For tomorrows… smile,

Coz a simple smile on your face,

Can take you a long way…!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dream prince...

When you look at me,

I feel beautiful….

When you take me in your arms,

I feel secure….

When you talk to me,

The world falls silent….

And when you listen to me,

I want to go on and on….

When you laugh,

My worries disappear….

When you are around,

There’s nothing to fear….

And when you love me,

My joy knows no limits….

Am scared to open my eyes, dream prince,

For you may not exist…. !!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A sound mind....

For money, fame, power,

We crave, we slave,

We fight constantly,

Till we lie in our graves,

We trample upon many,

To gain advantage, to lead,

The crop of success is often sown,

With polluted and corrupt seeds,

Oh, what a price we pay,

We sell our souls to win,

And spend sleepless nights,

To pay for our sins,

Riches are easy to obtain,

Peace, most difficult to find,

Of all the riches on earth,

The best is a sound mind!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bas lauta de woh bachpan ke din....

Lauta de woh bachpan ke din,

Jab jeete the hum kisi dar ke bin,

Jab haste the bejhijhak hokar,

Aur kabhi sharminda naa hote rokar,

Jab dil me naa rakhte the, koi kadvi baat,

Jab hichikichate nahi, thaamne me kisika haath,

Jab bas ek hi bhaasha jaante the, pyaar,

Jab maaine na rakhte the, jeet aur haar,

Bas, lauta de woh bachpan ke din,

Jab jeete the hum, kisi bair ke bin…..!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

We are humans first...

They came asking, are you hindu or muslim?,
Which side would you take?,
I replied, I am human, sir,
I am here to create, not break,
I care not for temples and mosques,
I care for lives, hold them dear,
It's not God's wrath, I am scared of,
It's fanatics who I fear!!!!

Remember.... we are humans first.... Hindus and Muslims later.... Let's unite, not divide!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, veiled dream....

Oh, veiled dream,
Far-fetched you seem,
I fear to unveil you,
For you may not come true....

Oh, veiled dream,
Please stay hidden,
Passionate fantasies like you,
Are often forbidden....

Oh, veiled dream,
Don't try to slip away,
The confines of my mind,
Are where you ought to stay....

Oh, veiled dream,
Filled with enchanting tomorrows,
If you break, shatter into pieces,
I will be soaked in sorrows....

So, veiled dream,
I'll keep you trapped, out of sight,
I won't reveal you till I see,
Some hope, a ray of light.... !!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I miss you.....

We were so close,
And now you moved on,
But am still stuck to you,
Though you have gone,
Clinging onto,
Good memories,
And to many,
Unfulfilled fantasies,
To good old times,
With you and me,
And to a tomorrow,
Which will never be!!!!....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

From wax to steel....

She had a heart of wax,
It used to melt and burn her from within,
The smoldering heat running through her body,
Making her pay for her sins,
Her emotions were set to fire often,
And each time she got hurt, she burned,
Pangs of pain disabled her always,
For some relief, her body yearned,
She was scathed and charred all over,
From somewhere deep inside,
And her body covered with ugly scars,
Which were so difficult to hide....

Now she has a heart of steel,
That many have tried to penetrate into,
But she has locked it away from everyone,
Doesn't let anyone go through,
When pain hits her hard as before,
She lies unshaken, unstirred,
She's unkind, inhuman, merciless,
That's what people have inferred,
Little do they know, that the heart of steel,
Has been burnished from the heat of molten wax,
That someone inside her had to die,
In order to keep her alive!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power of love....

Painful moments fill everyone's life,
Fear and sorrow waiting at one end or the other,
But the power of love can overcome,
The shadows of sadness, forever,
The gentle touch of love,
Can heal the wounded heart, free it of pain,
The spirit of love, is what picks you up,
Teaching you to live again,
The immense strength of true love,
Of innocent, selfless, tender care,
Is what holds people together,
Making things looks nice and fair,
So don't forget to hold onto love's ropes,
When life tries to pull you down,
For when all is lost, love will give hope,
Love is, what will lead you on!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The raindrops trickle down on me,
They have their own story to tell,
They strum at the strings of my heart,
And make a new story dwell,
To some, rain brings pain,
To some, it brings joy,
For some, it's a reason to celebrate,
For some, a shelter to cry,
But for me, rain brings hope,
Of new dreams, new beginnings,
Washing away the painful past,
And wiping my slate clean,
And as I sit down to write my story,
The raindrops trickle down on me,
Clearing away all the dust,
Creating a clean tomorrow, for me to see!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My moment of bliss!!!!

The cool breeze blowing through my hair,
I lie, wondering, in my chair,
The enchanting smell of rain soaked earth,
The tiny birds joining in my mirth,
I smile to myself, enjoying the moment,
The sweet air with its beautiful scent,
Everything looks so miraculous around,
Like heaven on earth, I have found,
Everything's perfect today, nothing's amiss,
The perfect moment, my moment of bliss!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


People say you don't exist,
But stranger you haunt my soul,
You creep inside slowly,
When the deep dark night falls,
You light that tremendous fire,
Which warms me deep inside,
And whisper slowly into my ears,
And then just go and hide,
You make my body tremble,
And crave to be with you,
And I keep searching all night,
Till I see the morning's hue,
I sigh, I cry, I mourn,
One more night without your touch,
Oh stranger, tell me why,
Why do I want you so much?,
People say I am crazy,
But I know you'll be mine some day,
I am no schizophrenic,
Or whatever else they say!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I won't change!!!

I shall stay the same,
You have no right to change me,
For there's more to me,
Than you really can see....

Go ahead and do what you want,
I don't give a damn,
Doesn't really matter to me,
Because I am, what I am....

I am good, I am great,
And I got the power, to shape my fate,
And if you have failed to understand me,
I feel really sorry for you, mate!!!

Broken, battered, smashed and shattered,
But still holding onto what is right,
I'll take the pain, but I won't change,
I shall stand tall, and fight!!!

So, go torture someone else, buddy,
Because it's not going to work with me,
I will continue to fly, am a free spirit,
And shall remain one, eternally!!!

go on now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome anymore...!!! - Gloria Gaynor