Saturday, September 19, 2009


Memories of you, I still retain,
Uncried tears, untold pains,
The unsung lyrics of our incomplete love,
Will you ever sing them to me again?

That incomplete touch, which I still feel,
That incomplete wound, that doesn't heal,
Those unwanted feelings that clutter my brain,
Those unspoken words that drive me insane....

My broken heart, it still beats,
It wanders alone, in lonely streets,
My incomplete soul, wandering without your soul,
Will you ever come back to make it whole?


Neha said...

Heart-break is always a gr8 topic for a poem. The emotion is very good. But please pardon me when I say this ain't your best work! Somewhere the words failed to tug at my heart strings. Maybe it's becoz I've been numbed. Anyway, good work dear, but I am sure you can do way batter than this! Cheers! :D

Neha said...

Hey... I mean better! Dunno wats wrong with my keyboard!

Leo said...

Doc's words seconded! This isn't ur best, but its a contender for it... Liked ur words a lot, but u could do better.. I couldn't understand "incomplete wound".. didnt make sense to me dear!

Rohan said...

Hey dont worry, i ve gone only to Uk!!not that far ..not that far :P lol j/k j/k

Tuta hua dil and bijli ka bill, always good topics to think about :P

Incomplete wound bhi heal ho jayega, jab mil bethenge teen yaar..aap, main aur thumbs up :P

Cheers to life !