Sunday, February 1, 2009

Failure - the biggest inspiration!!!!

It’s only when things go wrong,
That we try to set them right,
Only when life pulls us down,
Do we put up a big fight,
Only when we fall down,
We struggle to reach the height,
And only after darkness,
Does the world appear bright….

There’s no joy without trouble,
No achievement without struggle,
No pleasure without pain,
And no sunshine without rain,
No laughter without tears,
No bravery without fear,
No rose without thorns,
And without dusk, no dawn….

Sorrow gives us strength,
And misery gives rise to desire,
When life turns all blue,
Hope is what ignites the fire,
Smooth roads are no fun,
For obstacles give determination,
Defeat is what pushes us towards victory,
Failure is, but, the biggest inspiration!!!


Kartz said...

Indeed... It is not for nothing that we say failure is the stepping stone to success.

Haven't put a foot wrong there buddy... Well done! :)

Trust you aced your exams...

Peace. Be well.

Kartz said...

And please. Chuck those formalities. :)

It is but my pleasure. Period.


Rohan said...

Fail nahi hue toh pass hone ka maza kya hai ?:P

If we never go will we differentiate the right ?

I am the believer of the thought that i want to learn a lesson everytime through my own experiences and not through tales :)

Glad we think on the same lines :)


Venky said...

Fantastic - Choicest of Words used very meaningfully. Keep it up.

ashmar said...

This poem is an inspiration for any generation (KAL AAJ AUR KAL). Very well written. Keep it up.