Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time and tide wait for no man....

Entangled in this maze of time,
As seconds and minutes tick away,
To keep up in this rat race,
We got to struggle each day....
No one can stop time,
And no one can bring it back,
Only the present is yours,
So learn to fight, to attack!

What is gone will never come,
Present will become past soon,
So what if things didn't go as planned,
Each new day is a boon...

Don't regret yesterday, and wait for tomorrow,
Live today as much as you can,
Put in your best, put yourself to the test,
Because time and tide wait for no man!!!


Priyanka said...

yey..first to comment!
exms ka asar dikh rha hai poem mein...hehe...
nice one lil finger :)

Kartz said...

Profound words there... Very!

*ahem* *ahem*... Someone's sure announced a come back... ;)

My take on "time" - click here

Trust all is well.


C R D said...

wow! lovely inspirational message :)

ull see me around here a lot more henceforth. u write well :)


Rajesh said...

Well said...u hav experienced too many things in life I guess...PROFOUND as kartz said...

Nice work, as always!!!

ashmar said...

you are amazing, you have realized these things at your very young age. We realized this fact now in our 50+ journey. Keep writing GREAT