Friday, March 27, 2009


This form of poetry is called "Acrostic Poetry" where the first letter of each line makes up a word and the word represents the gist of the poetry. This form of poetry was taught to me by Ms. Pratibha Sofat (or Prats, as we lovingly call her)....

Devoid of joy, faith and trust,
Entrapped, entwined, for freedom, I lust,
Misery engulfs me more and more,
Embedding sorrow deep into my core,
Nothing seems right, nothing seems nice,
Tense is each moment, filled with my cries,
Emerging, the poison of hatred, taking its toll,
Demented, destroyed, denuded - my soul!!


Arnav said...

nice :)

Kartz said...

A riveting composition, per se. Hits hard.

Good to see you trying your hand at something new. Will give a shot at this type of poetry in the coming days. Thank you for the info.

Peace. Be well.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing! Powerful.

mona said...

@ arnav... thanks

@ kartz.. my pleasure... waiting for your acrostic...!!

@just be real... thanks...