Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attacked Innocence....

Two young innocent eyes,
With a tear dropping down from each one,
Stands the victim of a dirty man's lust,
Who used her just for his fun...

Thoughts haunt her mind,
Her innocence corrupted by his greed,
She knows the world out there is unkind,
Where contempt is sure to breed...

Helplessness engulfs her,
And the painful memories just don't seem to fade,
But all she can do is curse her culprit,
Who exposed her to life's grey shade!

"Will I ever get justice?",
Is the question that runs through her mind,
Is this really the world of God,
Where devils are all that she can find!

I can read her mind,
And she speaks through my words,
Both of us demand a change,
From those who have erred!

We hope no girl child goes through the same,
The trauma that she had to bear,
May this stimulate the warrior in each of you,
So that you stand up to fight, protect and care!


Saturday, November 29, 2008


Addicted to your eyes,
Addicted to your smile,
Addicted to you,
I am all the while.....

You injected the venom of love,
Deep into my vein,
And just can't tell you now,
How sweet is the pain.....

This drug of your love,
Has given me such a high,
That I crave for it more and more,
As each day passes by.....

Take away my body,
Take away my soul too,
I would rather die,
Than live without you!!!!

Mother India Speaks.....

So easily destroyed,
So difficult to build,
So many of my brave sons,
Mercilessly killed,
Enough of destruction,
I crave for peace,
I, Mother India, pray now,
For violence to cease!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear terrorist brother.....

You may have a different religion,
You may have a different name,
But dear terrorist brother, just pierce me and see,
Our blood is just the same,
For what are you taking revenge on me?,
When and how did I become your enemy?,
Who's put that blindfold on you, dear brother,
That right and wrong, you can't see?

Dear terrorist brother, don't you feel,
That it is but a little odd,
That you are out to destroy,
what's been,Created by your own God?,
We were born and we shall mingle,
Into the same dust,
Then why is it dear brother,
That for my blood you lust?

We eat the same food,
We breathe the same air,
We drink the same water,
And the same sunlight we share,
But still you claim that we are different,
And hate me for it too,
Just think hard and tell me now,
What bad have I done to you?

I don't know who's Ram and Allah,
But the same God created me and you,
How I wish He had taught us,
To love and respect each other too,
Dear terrorist brother now stop right there,
This excruciating pain I can no more bear,
Just try to change yourself now,
For its never too late to learn to love and care!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The inner voice.....

Someone speaks from inside me,
This voice eggs me on to live,
My inner voice is pure,
It teaches me to forget and forgive,
This voice leads me on,
When life gets out of control,
And gives me strength and confidence,
To fight and reach my goal,
And when life turns unfair,
And everything seems untrue,
When today pains me,
And of tomorrow I have no clue,
This inner voice of mine,
Speaks out loud and clear,
Motivates me to keep going,
And God seems to be near,
Hope I am never separated,
From this inner soul of mine,
May it always stay protected,
In my tiny heart's confines!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

तेरे प्यार में.....

My attempt to write in hindi.....

तेरे प्यार में.....
जस्बात जुबां पर आए कई बार,
सुनाना चाहा तुझे दिल का हाल,
पर कह भी ना सके और चुप रह भी ना पाए।

तेरे प्यार में.....
रुके तेरे चौखट पर कदम कई बार,
तेरे साथ कुछ पल बिताने का आया खयाल,
पर रुक भी ना सके और चल भी ना पाए।

तेरे प्यार में.....
आंखों में आंसू आए कई बार,
तुझसे दूरी के गम ने किया बेकरार,
पर रो भी ना सके और हस भी ना पाए।

तेरे प्यार में.....
टूटा ये दिल कई कई बार,
तेरे प्यार में, ज़िन्दगी से गए हार,
पर मर भी ना सके और जी भी ना पाए।

Through the darkness.....

The sun used to shine,
My world was so bright,
Till I entered this tunnel,
Where there's no light....

I struggle to breathe,
The air's so still,
It's pitch dark in here,
And silence that can kill....

The surroundings are unfamiliar,
With not a soul to trust,
Fears fill up my heart now and then,
It's just waiting to burst....

Tears trickle down my face,
As I crave for a friend,
The sadness just keeps expanding,
It seems that there's no end....

But I fight through with hope,
And keep trying to find my way,
For there's surely light at the other end,
As they all say....

One day I'll reach,
To where I truly belong,
Where the music of life will play,
And my heart shall hum a song....

The sun will again shine,
And put an end to my pain,
The darkness will vanish,
And I'll smile again!!!!!