Thursday, September 29, 2011


Faint echoes resonate through the walls of space,

And I sit in sanctity,

People pass by me, but am in a daze,

Oblivious to reality,

Does this ever happen to you,

What's happening to me,

I blink and blink, so hard,

But I cannot see,

I walk around, trying to feel,

But my finger-tips are numb,

I open my mouth to scream,

No voice comes out, I turn dumb,

I scratch myself, with nails outgrown,

But am devoid of pain,

Wounds do not heal, but I can't feel,

Even though they remain,

Who am I?, I ponder alone,

And finally it occurs to me,

A body without soul, and a heart so cold,

I am the living dead - a zombie!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


You created that tiny nick in my heart somewhere,

And each time it throbs now, a little blood leaks out,

I search high and low, but all in vain,

I can't find out from where it spouts,

Your venom's spreading, can't stop it from leaking,

It both, makes me weak, and stirs me up too,

That inconspicuous wound, so difficult to locate,

And the pain just makes me feel closer to you,

This wound won't heal, the nick won't seal,

In my heart, your imprint shall always stay,

For there's just no one else, other than you,

Who can make me feel this way!!!