Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let me keep the memories....

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we first talked,
Down the lane of tender love,
As we both first walked...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day you held my hand,
As we saw the setting sun,
And dug our fingers in the sand...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we had our first fight,
We decided to part ways,
And I stayed awake and cried all night...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the time we talked all night,
Of love and how much we mean to each other,
Till the sun shined and we saw daylight...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we played our wedding day,
We took our vows and exchanged rings,
Wasn't it so much fun all the way?...

Let me keep the memories,
Of when I had fallen ill,
And you were on my bedside all day long,
And had promised that you always will!...

Let me keep those memories,
For life has forced us to part our ways,
And though we can't be together any more,
These precious memories will always stay!!!

Dedicated to all those who ever felt the magic of being in love for the first time... and the pain of losing their first love!!!

My voyage, back to home....

Watching through the window,
As each milestone passes by,
Waiting with my arms open,
Under the velvety sky,
With nothing but hope in my heart,
And a few friends by my side,
I struggle through the pathways,
Towards my home, I ride,
The smell of my native land,
Memories of home, ignites,
It leads me to my destination,
The torch of victory, it lights,
All the obstacles hardly matter,
Of the pain, I really don't care,
What matters is that I am going home,
And yes, I am finally reaching there!!!

dedicated to all those who ever felt the pain of staying away from their home....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It’s 10:00 am and I get a call from my dad’s friend. Her daughter just cleared her 12th grade and gave the entrance exam for medical studies. I being one already trapped in the bait of syringes, needles and dentures, she most readily calls me for advice. What do I tell her? That I am happy here? In a college and profession where you kill to survive, betray your friends, spend your parent’s hard earned money recklessly. Yes it’s true. Not that I am unsuccessful but deep down inside I regret… regret not having given a thought to what I really desire. I am in a profession which I don’t really hate but don’t really love either. Then why am I here?... because it seemed to be the natural choice. But deep down inside my heart wanted me to do something else. But the mighty confused mind took control and things changed. I have accepted the change and learnt to be happy about it. But should I watch others falling into the same trap?

This girl says she’s really passionate about being a doctor. I don’t know how much truth that holds, because some years back even I was very ‘passionate’ about it. She says she’s ready to wait for one more year and repeat the entrance exam…just because her friends are doing the same. What does it indicate? A clear and focused mind or a confused one?

Her mom agrees to her decision. Without giving it any thought. She wants her daughter to be happy even if it means spending more money and seeing her daughter sit at home for a year, and I can’t really blame her. Her daughter is pushing herself into a pit of which she has no idea. I want to speak to her. I want to pour my heart out to her. But I don’t know how she is going to judge my intentions. If she is really passionate about it then to hell with everything else. I am with her. But if she is confused, like I was some years back, then I feel for her. I don’t want her to end up like me. I hope she speaks her mind out to me once. I hope I can help the confused minds of this country to really think from their heart. Know what they really want before attempting something silly and regretting it later. I wish to help... and that’s my only intention!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who am I?

Sitting by my window,
One lonely night,
Silence haunts me,
for there’s not a soul is sight…

“Who am I?”, I wonder,
What am I here to do?,
Of my identity,
I just don’t have a clue…

When God created all of us,
He surely had something planned,
He wanted to sculpt mighty statues,
Out of mere grains of sand…

So why is it that some of us,
Just mingle with the dust,
Some shine like gold and silver,
And some just lie and rust…

And then it finally struck me,
What’s inside his master mind,
He’s hidden talents inside each of us,
Which he wants us to search and find…

It’s just a matter of trust,
And believing in one’s dreams,
With a true heart and the right spirit,
Nothing will impossible seem…

So here I am now,
All set to be “me”,
To work hard, rise and shine,
And make my identity!!!

Truly… life is really about discovering our inner self, and loving each bit of it… each one of us is special n unique in our own way… let each of us discover the gift of life n cherish it forever!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In search of those hands,
Which will hold me tight,
Making each moment light,

In search of those eyes,
Which will be filled with love,
Only for me,

In search of that touch,
Which will make me tremble,
Ignite the fire of desire,

In search of that voice,
That will ring in my ears,
Singing the melodies of life,

In search of that hug,
Which will evaporate all the pain,
Make sorrows look small,

In search of those words,
Which will calm me down,
Support me in difficult times,

In search of love,
Pure and divine,
That someone who’ll be mine,