Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Indian speaks....

I live on the edge,
And as I leave home each day,
I just can't predict,
Whether I'll be back in the same way,
Explosions await me,
In each and every lane,
I see people dying around,
People in so much pain,
A tiny bomb explodes,
And takes so many lives away,
Is this really the world of God,
This world where I stay?,
Of having a peaceful life,
I really can never be sure,
This cancer, cancer of hatred,
Does it have any cure?,
Yes, I am a poor Indian,
Troubled, and in a bad shape,
And I just want to know,
Will I ever be safe???!!!

Lets pray for all those who have suffered in the bomb blasts today... lets try and find an answer to these questions... !!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I love you....

Come hold my hand,
gaze into my eyes,
Lets go for a walk,
under the starry skies,
Lets watch out of the window through the bars,
Look at the rustling leaves, count endless stars,
Lets dance on a tune, going on and on,
Lets be madly in love, till both of us are gone,
Lets run in the green meadows with a herd of sheep,
Let our love be divine, pure and like the ocean, deep,
Since the day you have knocked on my heart's door,
I love you my love, more and even more!!!!

Lets make peace...

Why do people quarrel,
Why do people fight,
Why can't they ever understand,
That two wrongs don't make a right...

Why can't they accept with happiness,
Whatever they have to do,
Why can't they take their defeat,
Their ego why can't they break through?

Why do people despise others,
And make their own selves sad,
When it's so easy to be good,
Why do they want to be bad?

Why do people refrain,
From extending a helping hand,
Why do they feel they are great,
When they are mere grains of sand?

Why do we hurt others,
And break their fragile hearts,
We forget the word 'love',
From which each life starts...

God decides good and evil,
We are no one to decide,
Our duty is to spread love,
And be by each other's side...

It is never too late,
To spread the message of love,
By giving, sharing and recieving it,
This world, we can preserve!!!

Lets spread love, lets make peace...!!!!

The bond that was never made....

Life had always been a bit dark,
So why am I shocked when it's taken a gray shade,
Don't know why I am sad that it's broken,
The bond, that was never ever made...

He owes a lot to me,
The debts of my feelings are still unpaid,
Don't know why I still expect him to return,
And make the bond, that was never ever made...

I can't complain, can't ask him why,
Some funny obligations life has laid,
But this question will always ring in my mind,
That why wasn't this bond ever made???

Thinking about him, I've spent countless days,
And countless nights, I've awake stayed,
And am still hoping and will always hope,
That some day this unmade bond will be made...!!!

(This poem conveys a certain emotion... however I do not approve of this attitude... Holding onto broken relationships cannot lead anyone anywhere... but many of us do experience this emotion... and I have experienced it too and put it into words... !!!)