Saturday, February 28, 2009

The key....

Two boxes hold my fate today,
They shall decide my destiny,
Will my life be beautiful,
Depends on whether I find the right key....

One box holds victory and success,
With love, laughter and care,
Life really wouldn't hold much meaning,
If this box wouldn't be there....

The other is filled with defeat and sorrow,
With competition, guilt and greed,
To appreciate the value of the first box's contents,
This box, I definitely need....

The two keys attract me equally,
So, finally I decide,
That I need to strike a balance between both,
And open both the boxes wide....

With trust and hope and confidence,
This mighty problem I fix,
I take all the contents,
And come up with a fantastic mix!

I realise, life is all about sugar and spice,
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win,
Right and wrong keys just don't exist,
For, the key to happiness lies within!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Devil Is Born

My faith put to test,
My heart beats no more,
I sleep in unrest,
As sorrow knocks on my door,
I know no comfort,
I know of no joy,
Each part of me hurts,
This pain, I want to destroy,
I wake up to a world of misery,
To a world of mistrust,
I am fed up of other's treachery,
And my feelings just lie and rust.....

And now my blood boils,
I feel different, I feel strange,
My inner self toils,
Now, I seek revenge,
I no longer feel weary,
I feel powerful, I feel strong,
I grow ugly, I grow scary,
To a different genre, now I belong,
Conceived in moments of distress,
From emotions shattered and torn,
From the womb of helplessness,
Now, the devil is born!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Failure - the biggest inspiration!!!!

It’s only when things go wrong,
That we try to set them right,
Only when life pulls us down,
Do we put up a big fight,
Only when we fall down,
We struggle to reach the height,
And only after darkness,
Does the world appear bright….

There’s no joy without trouble,
No achievement without struggle,
No pleasure without pain,
And no sunshine without rain,
No laughter without tears,
No bravery without fear,
No rose without thorns,
And without dusk, no dawn….

Sorrow gives us strength,
And misery gives rise to desire,
When life turns all blue,
Hope is what ignites the fire,
Smooth roads are no fun,
For obstacles give determination,
Defeat is what pushes us towards victory,
Failure is, but, the biggest inspiration!!!