Friday, February 6, 2009

The Devil Is Born

My faith put to test,
My heart beats no more,
I sleep in unrest,
As sorrow knocks on my door,
I know no comfort,
I know of no joy,
Each part of me hurts,
This pain, I want to destroy,
I wake up to a world of misery,
To a world of mistrust,
I am fed up of other's treachery,
And my feelings just lie and rust.....

And now my blood boils,
I feel different, I feel strange,
My inner self toils,
Now, I seek revenge,
I no longer feel weary,
I feel powerful, I feel strong,
I grow ugly, I grow scary,
To a different genre, now I belong,
Conceived in moments of distress,
From emotions shattered and torn,
From the womb of helplessness,
Now, the devil is born!!!!!!!


teofil zevedeanu said...

În viaţă contează însă pe cine iubeşti şi pe cine necăjeşti.
Contează ce părere ai despre tine.
Contează încrederea, fericirea şi compătimirea.
Contează să fi alături de prietenii tăi şi să înlocuieşti ura din tine cu dragostea.
Contează să ocoleşti gelozia, să înfrângi prostia şi să clădeşti încrederea.
Contează ceea ce spui şi ceea ce vrei să spui.
Contează să judeci oamenii după ceea ce sunt nu după ceea ce au.

Şi mai presus de orice,
Contează dacă prin viaţa ta influienţezi în bine viaţa altcuiva, aşa cum n-a reuşit nimeni altcineva să o facă pe altă cale.

Toate acestea contează în viaţă.

teofil zevedeanu said...

Matter in life but who you love and who taunting.
Matter what you think about yourself.
Matter confidence, happiness and compătimirea.
Matter to be with friends and replace hatred with love of you.
Bypassing the matter to jealousy, to defeat stupidity and builds confidence.
Matter what you say and what you mean.
Matter to judge people by what they are not after what they have.

And above all,
Matter where your life influence in someone else's life better, as nobody else na managed to make the other way.

All these matters in life.

Kartz said...

Pounding, yet profound lines there... Capturing the very essence of how we, at times, submit ourselves - knowingly or otherwise - to temptation... Desire... And finally end up living in the very illusion the Devil creates... Sucking us into his mesmerizing charm...

Yep... Under the Devils possession, you never know what you are doing...

Good! You got me thinking... :) Not many do that...

Peace. Be well.

Venky said...

This is a masterpiece in the literary sense. I remember John Milton's versus in "Paradise Lost", which read "Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven". It was never meant to curse the Almighty who had made him blind but it was just an expression of frustation expressed beautifully. People shouldn't misconveive or misinterpret by reading between the lines

ashmar said...

Stressed emotion and pain is very beautiful expressed. When one is out of this state. One is really with peace In totality. There is NO PAIN, NO HATRED, NO EXPECTATION for anyone or anything.