Sunday, November 28, 2010

roko naa mujhe duniyawalon....

roko na muze duinyavalo.,

Ab mE. na +k pa}.ga,, ifr ],

Apne raSte pr clta ja}.ga,

].gilya> ]#a0 cahe ko{,

ku7 krke bta}>ga,

AasuAo. ko pIkr, qud hsU>ga,

AOr dUsro. ko hsa}>ga,

idl me. mere ivXvas hE,

Ab har na manne pa}>ga,

cahe smz na pa0 muze ko{,

ku7 bnke idqa}>ga,

Apne spno. ko Aaj mE.,

sr Aaqo. pr bsa}>ga,

Apne mehnt ke dm pr,

0k n{ duinya sja}>ga,

AaxaAo. kI roxnI se,

n0 kl ka dIpk jla}>ga,

roko na muze duinyavalo.,

ik Ab mE. +k na pa}>ga||||


Through teary eyes… smile,

Through weary nights… smile,

Through painful days … smile,

Through tough ways… smile,

In sorrow…. smile,

For tomorrows… smile,

Coz a simple smile on your face,

Can take you a long way…!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dream prince...

When you look at me,

I feel beautiful….

When you take me in your arms,

I feel secure….

When you talk to me,

The world falls silent….

And when you listen to me,

I want to go on and on….

When you laugh,

My worries disappear….

When you are around,

There’s nothing to fear….

And when you love me,

My joy knows no limits….

Am scared to open my eyes, dream prince,

For you may not exist…. !!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A sound mind....

For money, fame, power,

We crave, we slave,

We fight constantly,

Till we lie in our graves,

We trample upon many,

To gain advantage, to lead,

The crop of success is often sown,

With polluted and corrupt seeds,

Oh, what a price we pay,

We sell our souls to win,

And spend sleepless nights,

To pay for our sins,

Riches are easy to obtain,

Peace, most difficult to find,

Of all the riches on earth,

The best is a sound mind!!!