Friday, March 27, 2009

The mermaid....

The graceful mermaid swam,
In the clear blue sea,
He lay, carefree, on the sand,
Watching her admiringly....

His gaze fixed on her,
And then their eyes met,
Lost into each other's eyes,
They remained, till sunset....

As darkness took over them,
She dived back into the sea,
He still waited searching for her signs,
He just couldn't set himself free....

Finally, he turned, tired of searching,
And not finding her anywhere in sight,
In hope of meeting her again,
He stayed awake all night....

Next day, he ran to the sea,
And waited for her on the beach,
He knew she was somewhere under the water,
So close, yet, so out of reach....

His soul craved for her love,
Finally, he decided to dive,
He plunged deep into the water,
Not caring about whether he would survive....

He swam around looking for her,
The water flowing into his lungs, taking away his breath,
He was losing hope of finding her,
And going closer and closer to death....

"Probably, she doesn't even love me", he thought,
He couldn't bear the pain anymore,
He swam back and got a big shock,
There, she lay, lifeless, on the shore....

He swept her into his arms,
And dived back into the water,
Not being able to share life together,
He decided to share death with her....

Finally they met in heaven,
Separated by no boundary,
Entwined in each other's love,
They remained, till eternity!!!


Kartz said...

An emotive recital, Mona... Singing the pangs of love. Bewitching. Tantalizing. Hence, love.


Trust u aced your exams. Good luck!

Ragpicker said...

Not being able to share life together,
He decided to share death with her.... <---- Awestruck by this thought!

Nice work. You have got some poetic brilliance. Thanks so much for sharing.

mona said...

@ kartz... yes.. love is tantalizing!!... exams are on my agenda for 3 months now.. thanks for the wishes!!

@ ragpicker... thanks a lot... ur appreciation means a lot!!

Sandeep Balan said...

oyeee lil one!! this is among the best ones from you taht i have read!! too good daa....*pat on the back my lil one* u rock wi**y!!! simply cool stuff Wi**y!!