Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's always dark in here....

The signs often foretell,
What's in store, in a place like this,
Far away it rings, the suspicion bell,
It tells you, something's amiss,
Screams echo through the hallways,
Telling you to stay away,
And you know it's serious business,
This ain't no child's play,
Yet you keep inching closer and closer,
To the place where despair looms,
And you keep moving on bravely,
Through dingy passageways and rooms,
And finally you reach a point,
From where there's no turning back,
Frantically searching for some light,
For some color, in the pitch black,
Few dare to enter a swarthy heart,
But those who do seldom return,
You are one of those unfortunate souls,
And what's done, can't get undone,
You've come too far now,
So, say hello to your worst fears,
Welcome to my world, stranger,
It's always dark in here....!!!!

The Pursuit Of Happiness...

The pursuit of happiness,
It starts with a dream,
The more you try to move closer to it,
The more elusive it seems...

You share your dream with others,
Hoping they'd empathize,
But all they do is create doubts in your head,
And self-doubt is but, the biggest vice...

And more often than not,
These doubts will pull you down,
Let not your spirit dwindle,
Just keep racing on...

Protect your dream fiercely,
Work towards it, achieve,
If you fail, don't lose heart,
And when you feel lost, believe...

For if you believe in them,
Dreams do come true,
The pursuit of happiness,
It ends, at 'you'!!!!

P.S. Inspired by Chris Gardner and The Pursuit of Happyness :)


The demanding world says, whiling time's a sin,
But with worries aplenty, reliefs but a few,
Don't shy away from looking within,
Cleanse your soul, renew....

The music of life ain't only about beats,
And the high notes that attract the crowd,
In the low notes are hidden, many treats,
The best moments of life are seldom spoken aloud...

Who but me, knows 'me' so well,
And has stood by me, through rise and fall,
The face in the mirror has many stories to tell,
And yet you choose to ignore its faint call....

Listen to the melody, carefully,
Let it not get muffled in the cacophony around,
Resting in sanctity, blissfully,
You shall discover the truths of life, unfound!!!


In the helpless tear,
In the false laughter,
In the half-hearted smile,
In the indifferent frown,
In the heart-breaking sigh,
In the fake pity,
In the muffled anger,
In the selfish support,
In the silent hope,
I search for freedom,
My search for freedom,
Is not yet over.... !!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Rainy Disaster....

It was raining cats and dogs that morning. I looked out of the window and cursed my luck. “Why does it have to rain just when I am running late for an interview?”, I thought. Nonetheless, I stepped out of my house.

I was shivering under my umbrella, screaming my lungs out for a taxi. Just then a strong breeze blew and overturned my umbrella, making it look like a ‘dish antenna’. The wicked rain waiting for this very moment totally drenched me.

Finally I got a taxi. Thanking God, I hurriedly got inside. “Bhaiyaji, jaldi karo”, I told the driver. But I guess it was a day for disasters. The taxi got a flat tyre and I was forced to take another cab.

Somehow I managed to reach the office for my interview. As I got out of the cab I checked myself out in the rear-view mirror, and to my utmost horror I was looking like the female version of Rambo with make-up smudged all over my face. Making a mental note to use water-proof make-up next time, I ran into the office.

That interview was the worst interview of my life. Not only was I spanked for reaching late, but also insulted to no end. As I stepped out of the office, it was still raining. Looking at the rain, I felt a strange sort of happiness inside. I ran out like a silly kid and felt the rain drops on my face. I jumped in the puddles, played with the rain drops and went home a happy girl!!!

I had finally realized that life is not always about success, achievement, power, money…. Not always about running a rat race. Sometimes, life is just about plain simple pleasure, about living for the moment, about enjoying each bit of it!! The magical rain had poured down and washed away my pain!!

Tears Of Joy.....

Her screams echoed through the night. It was raining heavily and the car was stuck in traffic, not ready to budge. Sam turned around to look at his wife. “Have faith in God, Sarah. We’ll just be there dear.”, he said. Sarah clenched her teeth and felt her bulging abdomen. The labor pain was unbearable. She screamed again.

Both husband and wife had the same fears. It was two years ago, and on a similar rainy night, when Sarah was 6 months pregnant. They were going out for dinner. Sam had gone to park the car. When he returned he saw Sarah flat on her tummy, a pool of blood and mud surrounding her. They had lost their baby before it could even come into this world. “Will history repeat itself?” , they shuddered to think. Both could not bear the thought of losing their child again. Both looked at each other and prayed silently.

All of a sudden the rain stopped. The skies cleared and so did the traffic. Sam drove to the hospital at top speed, Sarah still wincing in pain and clutching her abdomen tight. They reached the hospital just in time. They had an adorable baby boy. As they held their darling in their arms with pride, joy and relief, it started raining again… this time, from their eyes!!!

Fall from grace...

Encash upon it till you have the chance,
Opportunity strikes only once on your door,
Glory shall last a day or two,
Praise, maybe a bit more...

What stays though is the struggle,
And the vicious tentacles of fate,
And long before you realise,
You end up biting the bait...

Illusions, then, cloud your vision,
You feel you deserve it all,
You imagine everyone's on your side,
Till you encounter that mighty fall...

You slog and give it all you can,
After all it's for your kith and kin,
You don't care about losing a few battles,
For in their victories, lie your wins...

But, ouch, all of a sudden, the damage is done,
Before you know, a slap in your face,
Unexpected, unthought of, unbelievable,
There it comes, your fall from grace!!!

The good old days...

Where naivety overruled suspicion,
Where every day a new dream was woven,
Where trust came as naturally as thirst,
And it didn't matter if the outcome was the worst,
Where friendships were not based on needs,
And there was no place for lust or greed,
Where hope, joy and faith prevailed,
Where learning was more important, 
Irrespective of whether one passed or failed,
Where we only thought of growing and building in every way,
Those, my friends, were the good old days!!!

My autumn love....

The autumn winds blow gently,
In my ears, they sing melodies,
Of the love that once was,
And the love, that shall always be...

I sit alone, with no one near,
Holding onto each memory, dear,
The empty space on the rusty bench waiting,
For someone to wipe my autumn tears...

The autumn leaves crushing under my feet,
I walk along the lonely street,
Longing to hold your hand just once,
I think of you with each heartbeat....

Mildly drenched in autumn rain,
I say to myself, yet again,
Seasons shall come and seasons shall go,
But my autumn love for you, shall remain...!!!

Trapped love...

Oh, insecure soul, don't flutter around,
Trying to tie shackles around love,
Let the spirit fly, Free and high,
To the divine heavens above,
Don't try to trap love and keep it confined,
Love always demands liberty,
Love shall blossom, grow and mature,
Only when it is set free!!! :)

Never belittle love....

Never belittle love,
It is a selfless feeling,
That'll envelop you and make you safe,
From the cruel stinging realities of life...
And when life has nothing to offer,
Love will make it worth living,
Giving you the strength of a million raging bulls,
It ll egg you on to live...

Never belittle love,
It has the power to heal,
It'll be hiding in nooks and corners you never knew of,
And take you completely by surprise,
In times when wounds and aches are commonplace,
And the heart never tires of pain,
Love will soothe you and make you feel alive...

Never belittle love,
Who knows when you ll be needing it the most,
And it'll suddenly be out of reach,
Hold on to it like you hold on to each breath,
And feel it like you feel each heartbeat,
Let it guide you through failures and fears,
Open your arms wide,
And soak it all in... 

Never belittle love,
And dont be afraid to reciprocate it,
For believe it or not, love can only grow stronger,
It knows not what it is to be weak,
And all it asks for is to be returned,
In whatever way you find it best,
Nuture it and value its worth,
And you are sure to find heaven on earth!!!

P.S. A big thank you to Preeti Shenoy and her novel 'Life is what you make it' that inspired me to come up with this :)


How much can a sponge really soak?,
And how much can it really hold?,
It grows heavy with the burden,
And starts looking wrinkled and old…

So unless it's squeezed out once in a while,
It’s going to be overloaded for sure,
Letting go of some of the burden,
Is probably, the only reliable cure…

Why then clutter the brain with hate?,
And then wonder why it feels so heavy inside,
How much is the sponge going to withstand,
And how much can it afford to hide?

Why not do away with animosity and despair,
Make it airy and light once more?,
Free of unwanted and negative thoughts,
There’s so much more that it can store…

Let the mind be free and clear,
And you’ll be astonished at what all it can do,
Cleanse off the mind’s sponge and make it light,
And it will always remain as good as new…!!!

To dad with love...

I don’t know about the world,
And its weird ways,
To try and judge a person,
Is just not child’s play…

All I know is that,
You are special to me,
And the person I see in you,
Everyone cannot see!

I am so glad that I am bestowed with,
A truly precious gem like you,
A father who’s more like a friend,
Always supportive of everything I do…

You brought me into this world,
I am a part of you,
And dad, you’ll always be a part of me,
Wherever I go, whatever I do…

I may not always tell you dad,
But on this father’s day,
I love you lots, dear dad,
Is all that I really wanna say!!!