Friday, March 27, 2009

The mermaid....

The graceful mermaid swam,
In the clear blue sea,
He lay, carefree, on the sand,
Watching her admiringly....

His gaze fixed on her,
And then their eyes met,
Lost into each other's eyes,
They remained, till sunset....

As darkness took over them,
She dived back into the sea,
He still waited searching for her signs,
He just couldn't set himself free....

Finally, he turned, tired of searching,
And not finding her anywhere in sight,
In hope of meeting her again,
He stayed awake all night....

Next day, he ran to the sea,
And waited for her on the beach,
He knew she was somewhere under the water,
So close, yet, so out of reach....

His soul craved for her love,
Finally, he decided to dive,
He plunged deep into the water,
Not caring about whether he would survive....

He swam around looking for her,
The water flowing into his lungs, taking away his breath,
He was losing hope of finding her,
And going closer and closer to death....

"Probably, she doesn't even love me", he thought,
He couldn't bear the pain anymore,
He swam back and got a big shock,
There, she lay, lifeless, on the shore....

He swept her into his arms,
And dived back into the water,
Not being able to share life together,
He decided to share death with her....

Finally they met in heaven,
Separated by no boundary,
Entwined in each other's love,
They remained, till eternity!!!


This form of poetry is called "Acrostic Poetry" where the first letter of each line makes up a word and the word represents the gist of the poetry. This form of poetry was taught to me by Ms. Pratibha Sofat (or Prats, as we lovingly call her)....

Devoid of joy, faith and trust,
Entrapped, entwined, for freedom, I lust,
Misery engulfs me more and more,
Embedding sorrow deep into my core,
Nothing seems right, nothing seems nice,
Tense is each moment, filled with my cries,
Emerging, the poison of hatred, taking its toll,
Demented, destroyed, denuded - my soul!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


( Dedicated to all the guys who do not care about hurting the feelings of girls
hope this poem is a lesson for all of you...)

You came into my life one day,
All set to woo me,
Don’t know why the jerk in you,
That time I couldn’t see…

Jerk, you called me every day,
And never failed to praise,
You kept trying to impress me,
In just so many ways…

And finally, I fell for you,
Oh jerk, you had won,
You knew, you had me trapped,
And now you could have fun…

I sincerely cared for you,
I was the fish trapped in your bait,
But, thankfully I saw your true colors,
Before it was too late!

So jerk don’t think that you can play with me,
And then roam scot-free,
I’ll teach you a lesson which you,
Won’t forget till eternity!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Courtesy Hashan Hazarika... he tagged us all on WL... I was supposed to type out 25 random things about myself... so here it goes...

1. I almost always have a bad hair day!

2. I hate typing out SMSes ... I would rather call!

3. I am terrified of lizards, dogs and ghosts! I can't handle horror movies!!!

4. I do NOT like pani puri

5. I cannot control my sleep

6. I have two big central teeth like bugs bunny!

7. I am claustrophobic ( I've got fear of closed spaces)!

8. I have a sweet tooth!

9. When I was a kid I actually invented a comic series called Roseman, Sweetman and Superman!

10. I am NOT scared of cockroaches

11. The first ever poem that I wrote was 'Idli'

12. I used to write 'b' for 'd' and 'd' for 'b' till fourth grade!

13. I still sleep next to my mom

14. I had actually threatened my kintergarden teacher that I' ll complain about her to my dad and he would teach her a lesson!

15. I don't know a single thing about politics!

16. I can't cook!

17. I am bad at remembering addresses and figuring them out!

18. I love to go for walks!

19. I can dance on any song at any point of time... I just need a reason to start dancing!

20. I hate shopping for shoes!

21. I am very good at remembering song lyrics!

22. I am allergic to cucumber!

23. I love day dreaming!

24. I love using Post-It pads and reminders!

25. I love reading fairy tales and classics!