Saturday, March 14, 2009


Courtesy Hashan Hazarika... he tagged us all on WL... I was supposed to type out 25 random things about myself... so here it goes...

1. I almost always have a bad hair day!

2. I hate typing out SMSes ... I would rather call!

3. I am terrified of lizards, dogs and ghosts! I can't handle horror movies!!!

4. I do NOT like pani puri

5. I cannot control my sleep

6. I have two big central teeth like bugs bunny!

7. I am claustrophobic ( I've got fear of closed spaces)!

8. I have a sweet tooth!

9. When I was a kid I actually invented a comic series called Roseman, Sweetman and Superman!

10. I am NOT scared of cockroaches

11. The first ever poem that I wrote was 'Idli'

12. I used to write 'b' for 'd' and 'd' for 'b' till fourth grade!

13. I still sleep next to my mom

14. I had actually threatened my kintergarden teacher that I' ll complain about her to my dad and he would teach her a lesson!

15. I don't know a single thing about politics!

16. I can't cook!

17. I am bad at remembering addresses and figuring them out!

18. I love to go for walks!

19. I can dance on any song at any point of time... I just need a reason to start dancing!

20. I hate shopping for shoes!

21. I am very good at remembering song lyrics!

22. I am allergic to cucumber!

23. I love day dreaming!

24. I love using Post-It pads and reminders!

25. I love reading fairy tales and classics!


Neha said...

Bad hair day huh? And almost always, I'm the one who fixes it! ;)

Horror movie eh? How can I forget the Bhooth debacle? ;)

Sweet tooth? How do u manage to remain so slim (read almost invisible)? ;)

Yeah, and you didn't remember your own comic heroes' names... your biggest fan did! LOL!!

How can I forget you killer line: Idlis are soft like cotton,
But don't smell bad like mutton...

You also used to say "jawan" for "wajan" and "deewar" for "vaadyar"... so much so that we have started using these terms now!

Yeah, not just sleep next to mum, you also have to hug her tight... and not just hug her... hug everyone around, u hugging machine!! (not complaining though) ;)

I am sure Ponna teacher will remember your "Dhamkee" for life!!

"I can't cook"... people, I can vouch for that!

Her favorite song is "Asereje.."
She will start shaking in sleep if the song is played!

She loves shopping when I am picking up stuff for her and she is just trying them on! ;)

She is even better at composing songs and poetry herself! :)

Yeah... cucumber and alcohol both send her straight to the loo... and keep her there!

There's one more thing about you dear... you are the cutest, sweetest, lil' sis I could've ever had! Feel blessed with you around!

Bear hug! Muaah Muaah!

mona said...

wow... that was some comment.. !thanks sis.. you made my day...!!!!
and yeah made me nostalgic too.. what lovely childhood days we had!!... each more special than the other... all thanks to u... thanks for being there always... dunno what i would do without u... i don't even wanna imagine that... we are soulmates after all.. aren't we???!!

big bear hug to you my dear... muaaaah muaaah... love u lots!!!

Kartz said...

That's an interesting read. Good to know something of the *u* in *you*... :)

Peace. Be well.