Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time and tide wait for no man....

Entangled in this maze of time,
As seconds and minutes tick away,
To keep up in this rat race,
We got to struggle each day....
No one can stop time,
And no one can bring it back,
Only the present is yours,
So learn to fight, to attack!

What is gone will never come,
Present will become past soon,
So what if things didn't go as planned,
Each new day is a boon...

Don't regret yesterday, and wait for tomorrow,
Live today as much as you can,
Put in your best, put yourself to the test,
Because time and tide wait for no man!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


This one's for my mom...
माँ..... ममता की मूरत,
माँ..... इस दिल की चाहत,
माँ..... भगवान का रूप,
माँ..... सुखों की धूप,
माँ..... प्यार का सागर,
माँ..... खुशियाँ भरे आकर,
माँ..... दे सही सीख,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ ठीक,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन अधूरा,
माँ..... कर दे आकर पूरा,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन में अँधेरा,
माँ..... ही तो है सब कुछ मेरा,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ सही,
माँ..... के जैसा कोई नही!!!!!!!!
Love you lots, Mom!!! You mean the world to me....!
Dedicated to all the mothers... Mothers are those angels who shower us with unconditional love and care, through thick and thin they are always there!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


When in my life is happiness dated?,
Oh, I feel so under-rated,
Why am I so ill-fated?,
Life is just so complicated!

Feels like I am tied up with unbreakable ropes,
Into seas of hopelessness, are lost my hopes,
I climb, it's futile, I reach the top,
But I slip, I fall down from life's slopes.....

I come out as ugly-faced,
My true self's hidden, it's encased,
My efforts futile, my life's a waste,
And the truth has such a horrible taste!

I have made a thousand wrong moves,
And I have, but, no excuse,
I could die, I have nothing to lose,
But to fight and live on, I choose!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let today be no exception....

Each morning as the sun rises high,
My dreams, my aspirations, touch the sky,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I am put to test,
And I gear up to give my best,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I struggle to proceed,
To move forward and take the lead,
Let today be no exception….

Each day there’s something new to do,
And each day I learn a lesson new,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I laugh a little more,
And each day I cry a little more,
Let today be no exception….

As each day knocks upon life’s door,
It teaches me to love a little more,
Let today be no exception….

Each day of life, is a new gift,
For us to enjoy, before it drifts,
Let today be no exception….!!!

Live life to the fullest.... Have a rocking year ahead filled with health, wealth and happiness... Happy 2009!!!