Friday, December 30, 2011


In the crowd,
I forget myself,
I never knew,
Till I met myself,
In solitude...

It is so nice,
To get to know,
Who I am,
Nice and slow,
In solitude...

At peace,
I feel,
All my wounds,
Slowly heal,
In solitude...

My worry creases,
Relax, unfold,
As I narrate to myself,
All the stories untold,
In solitude...

I have not a care,
My lips break into a smile,
And I say to myself,
Hope this stays for a while,
This solitude...

We always want more people around,
To quench our endless greed,
But sometimes, to come to terms with life,
All we really need,
is solitude...!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He is everywhere...

I am the warmth in your tears,
I am the echo that follows your screams,
I am your throbbing heartbeat,
At the end of every bad dream,
I am the scab that covers your wounds,
I am the sweat beads cooling your forehead,
Oh what a pity it is, you always see the obvious,
And never see what isn't obvious, instead,
Whenever you feel pain, you wonder,
When it pains so much, where is He,
Try to look just beyond the pain once,
And you'll certainly find me!!!

P.S. If there's pain, God is around you... :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't come to me tomorrow,

With that empty hand stretched out,

Today I have a lot to give,

A lot more than you thought,

But who has seen tomorrow,

Life's as fickle as it can be,

And what the future holds,

No one in the world can see,
So take what I have today, to give,

And learn to appreciate,

And if you don't care enough now,

It might just be a bit too late,

For what's yours today,

Will be someone else's tomorrow,

And If you come asking for it later,

All life shall give you, is sorrow....