Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you, dear God....

Thank you, dear God,
For granting me these eyes,
To see everything around,
All the beauty that lies…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For giving me these ears,
To hear the music of nature,
And the loving words of everyone dear… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For giving these hands to me,
For touching and feeling and holding onto,
My loved ones dearly… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For these legs that you gave me,
The freedom to run around,
And to be wherever I want to be…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this little heart within me,
Which beats inside me always,
Reminding me to love constantly… !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this brain mighty,
Which helps me make life’s decisions,
And always keeps a check on me…. !!!

Thank you, dear God,
For this beautiful gift called life, friends and family,
Thanks for protecting me silently,
And for always being a part of me!!!!

P.S. On my b'day I just want to thank God, my family, friends and well-wishers for everything that they have given me.... I am what I am because of all the love you guys have give me.... I also take this opportunity to apologise for any thing that has gone wrong on my part... Life is beautiful, and I love life... I love my family very much.. and I love my friends... I can never thank God enough for this beautiful life..!!!

Oops... and I almost forgot to wish myself.. Happy 21 Mona... Rock on!!! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This diwali....

This time
Let us not
Burn down money and lives
By bursting crackers when people burn to death
Let us show some humanity
For they are
God’s children
And you
So let’s strive
To bring about a change
Light candles of hope and lanterns of joy
Let there be goodwill’s reign
On this diwali
Let there

Please don't burst crackers this diwali!!.... This post is dedicated to all those millions of children working in factories at Sivakasi who lose their lives in fire accidents and due to poisoning.... To all those people who die of pollution and noise every year.... To all those who are starving on the streets today... LET THERE BE LIGHT FOR THEM!!!