Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's always dark in here....

The signs often foretell,
What's in store, in a place like this,
Far away it rings, the suspicion bell,
It tells you, something's amiss,
Screams echo through the hallways,
Telling you to stay away,
And you know it's serious business,
This ain't no child's play,
Yet you keep inching closer and closer,
To the place where despair looms,
And you keep moving on bravely,
Through dingy passageways and rooms,
And finally you reach a point,
From where there's no turning back,
Frantically searching for some light,
For some color, in the pitch black,
Few dare to enter a swarthy heart,
But those who do seldom return,
You are one of those unfortunate souls,
And what's done, can't get undone,
You've come too far now,
So, say hello to your worst fears,
Welcome to my world, stranger,
It's always dark in here....!!!!

The Pursuit Of Happiness...

The pursuit of happiness,
It starts with a dream,
The more you try to move closer to it,
The more elusive it seems...

You share your dream with others,
Hoping they'd empathize,
But all they do is create doubts in your head,
And self-doubt is but, the biggest vice...

And more often than not,
These doubts will pull you down,
Let not your spirit dwindle,
Just keep racing on...

Protect your dream fiercely,
Work towards it, achieve,
If you fail, don't lose heart,
And when you feel lost, believe...

For if you believe in them,
Dreams do come true,
The pursuit of happiness,
It ends, at 'you'!!!!

P.S. Inspired by Chris Gardner and The Pursuit of Happyness :)


The demanding world says, whiling time's a sin,
But with worries aplenty, reliefs but a few,
Don't shy away from looking within,
Cleanse your soul, renew....

The music of life ain't only about beats,
And the high notes that attract the crowd,
In the low notes are hidden, many treats,
The best moments of life are seldom spoken aloud...

Who but me, knows 'me' so well,
And has stood by me, through rise and fall,
The face in the mirror has many stories to tell,
And yet you choose to ignore its faint call....

Listen to the melody, carefully,
Let it not get muffled in the cacophony around,
Resting in sanctity, blissfully,
You shall discover the truths of life, unfound!!!


In the helpless tear,
In the false laughter,
In the half-hearted smile,
In the indifferent frown,
In the heart-breaking sigh,
In the fake pity,
In the muffled anger,
In the selfish support,
In the silent hope,
I search for freedom,
My search for freedom,
Is not yet over.... !!!