Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sad and gay....

I was born, like everybody else,
I looked like any other baby boy,
My mom's warm hands comforting me,
And my dad, pampering me with toys...

I went to school, bright-eyed,each day,
I was a good student, teachers would say,
Loving friends, doting parents, life was perfect,
Till I realised, that I was gay...

Girls like boys, and boys like girls,
Then why do I not feel that way,
If God is impartial, and makes everyone the same,
How then, did I turn out to be gay??...

I do realise that I am different,
But am I so different, really?,
Why is it that me being gay,
Is the only trait that people can see...

I fear stepping out in the crowd,
People look at me in a disdainful way,
I am scared to speak out, the things I want to say,
do I have no right to live, just because I am gay?...

I always thought, loving unconditionally,
Is all that matters at the end of the day,
I never knew love had to wear
Tags like straight, lesbian and gay...

I hide my feelings in a box,
I don't want my friends to go away,
I don't want my parents to disown me,
Please don't tell them, I am gay...

I crave to be like everyone else,
For a normal life, I constantly pray,
For a day, when people wont discriminate,
And I can say with pride, that I am gay!!!

P.S. Homosexuality is not an offence. Everyone should be given an opportunity to lead their life with pride and dignity.