Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let today be no exception....

Each morning as the sun rises high,
My dreams, my aspirations, touch the sky,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I am put to test,
And I gear up to give my best,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I struggle to proceed,
To move forward and take the lead,
Let today be no exception….

Each day there’s something new to do,
And each day I learn a lesson new,
Let today be no exception….

Each day I laugh a little more,
And each day I cry a little more,
Let today be no exception….

As each day knocks upon life’s door,
It teaches me to love a little more,
Let today be no exception….

Each day of life, is a new gift,
For us to enjoy, before it drifts,
Let today be no exception….!!!

Live life to the fullest.... Have a rocking year ahead filled with health, wealth and happiness... Happy 2009!!!


Kartz said...

The sky is your limit; excellence, your shibboleth.

A touching recital. Good to be reading one after quite some time.

Hope all is well.

New Year's Day greetings to you and all your family.

Peace. Take care. Blessed be.

Born Vagabond said...

Been Thru' ur u hav some great poems in store...keep it goin...cya arnd!!

Baadshah said...

since when have u started blogging dear...
do check mine too...

and do not forget to connect with me..

tke cre
b well..

Anonymous said...

happy new year :) good blog and good poems

mona said...

@ kartz... thanks for the comment... and the visit.. have a great year ahead... happy new year!!

mona said...

@ born vagabond... thanks man... thanks for the appreciation... yeah will surely keep it going, its my passion... happy new year!!

mona said...

@ yogesh.. thanks for visiting.. will get in touch with you soon...

@ sam... thank u.. that means a lot.. cheers!!

Kartz said...

"Thanks for the visit"? :D Hello!? Earth to kid... :P

Yeh humari pehli bar nahin hai yahan. :)


Rajesh said...

This was nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Poetry is ur forte

Rohan said...
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Rohan said...

Each morning u write a sexy poem,
Each day u post something new and make my day,
Let today be no exception!

*Bows down to thee*