Sunday, March 15, 2009


( Dedicated to all the guys who do not care about hurting the feelings of girls
hope this poem is a lesson for all of you...)

You came into my life one day,
All set to woo me,
Don’t know why the jerk in you,
That time I couldn’t see…

Jerk, you called me every day,
And never failed to praise,
You kept trying to impress me,
In just so many ways…

And finally, I fell for you,
Oh jerk, you had won,
You knew, you had me trapped,
And now you could have fun…

I sincerely cared for you,
I was the fish trapped in your bait,
But, thankfully I saw your true colors,
Before it was too late!

So jerk don’t think that you can play with me,
And then roam scot-free,
I’ll teach you a lesson which you,
Won’t forget till eternity!


amalbose said...

i guess you wrote it specially for a particular person.. the anger can be seen in each and every word u wrote..
i think you say the same to him directly.. it may cause a greater effect

Kartz said...

Whoa... Seething! Hope it is a third person's recital.

Peace. Be well.

muthu said...

wow... the poetry is pretty pointed and hard....

but just to let you know "not all guys are jerks"

Chronicwriter said...

forget the revenge part.. no point ...:)

we learn lessons and we keep moving..

rage at its best in the poem...

check my 299th post..have a similar post.. but my kinda view