Monday, June 30, 2008

It creeps into your mind,
And you don’t even come to know,
It melts your heart and makes you cry,
It gives you a mighty blow,
It blocks all joys, makes you miserable,
Makes you feel worthless, and so down,
You cant laugh, nor can you celebrate,
All you can do then is frown,
You want to come out of it,
But however much you try,
Its useless, its painful,
It forces you to crib and cry,
You feel alone in the crowd,
Not being able to relate to anyone,
You feel ugly, you feel dirty,
All seem to be away- joy, happiness and fun,
This is what DEPRESSION does to you,
Leaves you crippled, helpless and desperate,
And you can do nothing but accept defeat,
And console yourself saying that it is fate!!!!