Sunday, April 26, 2009


(This form of poetry is known as Fib poetry... It follows the Fibbonacci sequence i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 ... I ve tried a Fib and a reverse Fib)

Your tears,
Flow away and,
Your fears, find a way,
The pain deep inside, so difficult to hide,
Let it flow and evaporate, leaving no signs, of the existence it had,
Let the water run, wash away your scars,
Heal all of your wounds,
Make you strong,
To face,


Kartz said...

Hmmm... Nice flow of thoughts. True, best to let go, learn and grow strong...

Interesting form, buddy! You ve also kindled the mathematician in me. And prompted me to ask is there a sine/cosine/exponential/McLaurin poetry ;)


How are your exams going? Good luck!

mona said...

@ kartz... yes i have come to realise that probably everything in the world is governed by math.. so why not poetry??..

exams went fine.. see you around.. take care..!!

Priyanka said...

very nice fib poem dear....i told u na....i love dis fibonacci series n phi...amazing omnipresent number!

n i loved d message in d poem....!! situational too! u know why!
damn,..but its not so easy to face life again...but then u have to!! no choice!

lovely poem :)

Neha said...

Kinda echoes the philosophy I believe in... Flush out the sadness.. u feel a lot lighter and then all set to take on the world!

Great effort... inspired me to try out a fib too! ;)

Sandeep Balan said...

woah my lil one...too good!! the rhyme goddess tries out her hand at mathematics :-)

examssssss over!!! when n where is the partyyyyyyyy???? yippppeeeeee

Anonymous said...

wow! what a return from the block mona! :D

good one! nice message. will have to try this form soon! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful!!

hehe i wonder f the hint of maths in poetry is some after-exam effects :P ??

but all good, all good :)

*loads of love and wishes*

and i hope i write fib too someday ;) hehe

PULKIT said...

that was very well written!


folowwing ur blog dear... :)

Rajesh said...

Only MOna can do this...nobody else!!!! What a poem!!! lucid and a laminar flow of thoughts u have...nice!!!