Thursday, October 30, 2008

I wish.....

I wish I could go back there,
Where I threw my worries in the air,
Those lovely years of childhood,
Where I never had to worry and care....

I wish I could go back there,
To play amidst the bushes and trees,
With all my lovely friends,
And enjoy the soothing breeze….

I wish I could go back there,
To go to school with all my friends,
School is such a lovely place,
Where fun and frolic never ends…

I wish I could go back there,
Where affection and innocence rules,
Away from so- called adults,
Who are but mature fools…

I wish I could go back there,
Away from all worries and strife,
For my childhood days were definitely,
The best days of my life!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you see my pain?....

Can you see my pain?
When I am feeling low,
When my face loses its glow,
When my tears wet the pillow…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lost in the crowd,
When I fail to make you proud,
When I can’t cry out aloud….

Can you see my pain?,
When I crave for your attention,
When I have loads of tension,
When my feelings I can’t mention…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lonely and sad,
When a bad day I’ve had,
When life is driving me mad…

Can you see my pain,
When I want your love and care,
When I feel no one’s there,
When life seems unfair…

No, you can’t see my pain,
For I have learnt to hide,
My pain, the tears I’ve cried,
My feelings, my emotions, have died!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The flag on the hill....

The storm is raging,
Dark is the sky,
The flag flutters alone on the hill,
Struggling to stay up high,
Life seems to me like this flag,
It takes you to a certain height,
And to stay high up there,
You have to put up a big fight,
All your life you strive,
To go up there,
And then the burden of victory,
Seems difficult to bear,
With success comes responsibility,
Both go hand in hand,
And you've to learn to stand tall,
Wherever you may land,
You have to face all struggle,
And bear all pain and ill,
If you wish to survive,
Like the flag on the hill!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Warrior....

He was born as a simple boy,
Fun loving and naughty at heart,
The apple of everyone’s eye,
Loved and adored from the very start…

He had a lovely childhood,
With friends and family who held him dear,
With each moment filled with joy,
And each day filled with cheer…

But little did he know,
That the devil was standing close,
And as he slept peacefully one day,
The mighty devil rose…

The devil cast his ugly shadow,
And the poor fellow fell ill,
With a disease which disabled him,
And could be cured by neither tonic nor pill…

Everyone around him was in tears,
And his family was distraught,
But weak and wounded though,
This mighty warrior fought…

And though he was in pain,
Never once did he complain,
His face always had a charming smile,
Be it sun or rain….

He worked hard to gain knowledge,
And got excellence in whatever he sought,
He was a man of great will,
This warrior recklessly fought….

And finally one day,
He could fight no more,
The devil of death had reached his house,
And knocked continuously on his door…

The warrior succumbed to death,
This burden he could no longer heave,
He left with a smile,
Leaving everyone else to grieve…

His life is an example to us,
With lots of lessons to give,
And though his body has left us,
His spirit will forever live…!!!!!

This poem is a tribute to my friend's brother who expired two days ago... he was suffering from an autoimmune disease which caused muscle dystrophy and weakness... he was on the wheelchair for 6 years and bed ridden for a year... he was just 21 when he died... though i never met him i really admire his courage and spirit... may his soul rest in peace...