Saturday, September 19, 2009


Memories of you, I still retain,
Uncried tears, untold pains,
The unsung lyrics of our incomplete love,
Will you ever sing them to me again?

That incomplete touch, which I still feel,
That incomplete wound, that doesn't heal,
Those unwanted feelings that clutter my brain,
Those unspoken words that drive me insane....

My broken heart, it still beats,
It wanders alone, in lonely streets,
My incomplete soul, wandering without your soul,
Will you ever come back to make it whole?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Man Machine!!!

Gotta go, gotta catch a flight,

If things go wrong, can't set them right,

Nobody gets a second chance,

Be it career or romance,

What a life, full of worry,

No time to rest, always hurry,

No time to think, No time to feel,

Gotta go, sign some stupid deal,

Money, fame, money, fame,

It's all part of the game,

Oh God, what a pitiable scene,

There's no man left, only machines..!!!!