Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Mask...

Who knows what’s behind that beautiful facade,
What it has to say,
Holding up an ideal expression,
Like an actor in a play…

Each countenance has a story to tell,
Not this one, it can’t be read,
The inability to discover its secrets
Messes with my head…

And the more I try to probe,
The more elusive it gets,
All I can do, then,
Is to keep placing my bets…

But deep down I know,
This is but, a deceptive mask,
And under it lie the answers,
For each question I wish to ask…

Don’t know how long it can,
Manage to hold me at bay,
One day, I will get past this mask,
I shall tear it away!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Koi bhi bane sarkar....

Koi bhi bane sarkar,
Mujhe kya farak padta hai yaar!

Koi bhi bane sarkar,
Main toh rahoonga berozgaar!

Koi bhi bane sarkar,
Meri haalat me na hogi koi sudhaar!

Koi bhi bane sarkar,
Meri suraksha ke liye na honge koi hatyaar!

Koi bhi bane sarkar,
Mujhe na naseeb hoga bachpan ka sansaar!

To koi bhi bane sarkar,
Har party ki jeet me hai insaaniyat ki haar!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'd rather not smile,
If I can't smile with all my heart,
If I can't end it gracefully,
I wouldn't even care to start,
I simply can't pretend,
To like someone, I can't stand,
Isn't affection natural?,
How the hell can it be planned?,
So, I would graciously accept,
All the hate you want to give,
But please don't pretend to like me,
It just makes it difficult to live,
For I truly believe that the truth,
Is much easier to take,
Than to have to deal,
With a world that is so fake!!!

P.S. Be courageous enough to tell people what you feel about them. A blunt truth is far better than a sweet lie!!!