Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear God....

Dear God, forgive me for the wrong things I did,
And the right things that I didn't do,
Forgive me for all those mistakes,
That I have committed all the way through,
Teach me to be righteous,
Teach me to be true,
Teach me to be selfless, thoughtful,
To be as pure as you,
Teach me to be merciful,
Teach me to be kind,
Help me remove all bad thoughts,
And all evil from my mind,
Forgive me for my sins,
Forgive me for whenever I did err,
Let me be satisfied with life always,
And let me be happy forever!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Innocent Murderer....

Blood stains everywhere,
I kill to win,
A ruthless human,
I err, I sin,
This thirst for success,
No one can quench,
But the smell of guilt,
Has an unbearable stench,
Still I continue to be cruel,
For the want of more,
I struggle to proceed,
And break all doors,
I have no compassion left,
For money and power, I strive,
Yes, I am a bloody human,
And I kill to survive!!!