Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Through the chaos I walk,

Today, I am at peace,

I am myself, today,

My soul, no one can seize....

I feel no hatred today,

Nothing's ugly to me,

In each face, in each place,

Beauty is all I can see....


Today, I put up no act,

I show no pretence,

And suddenly things seem right,

Everything seems to make sense....


Today, I don't care,

About what others have to say,

I know what I want to do,

And I do it in my own way....


I feel no pain today,

No guilt, no shame, no unease,

Leaving each bit of sorrow behind,

I walk, in peace....


My blindfold's finally removed,

Today, I see what I could never see,

All I need to be happy,

Is nothing, but to be 'me'!!!!