Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Man Machine!!!

Gotta go, gotta catch a flight,

If things go wrong, can't set them right,

Nobody gets a second chance,

Be it career or romance,

What a life, full of worry,

No time to rest, always hurry,

No time to think, No time to feel,

Gotta go, sign some stupid deal,

Money, fame, money, fame,

It's all part of the game,

Oh God, what a pitiable scene,

There's no man left, only machines..!!!!


Rohan said...

Rise of the machines \m/!

U have no idea the immense orgasmic feeling machines can give to a human ! Cars, Bikes, Planes, ! woah they are the reason why many of us are alive and happy on this planet !

Feelings and emotions are best left aside for a happy survival :D

Khaavanu, Peevanu, Fuukvanu..majja ni life j/k j/k

Yes money is important but just having enough is good enough.

Ambanis have truck loads of it but one thing they dont have is time, freedom to do what they want without being hounded by people, when we have that why run after money,fame or anything for that matter !

Kya dhaasu topic pe poem likhela bawa :P

mona said...

true true... let's sit back n relax n enjoy for sum time... aur kitna tension lenge..??!!!

neha said...

Seemed like I'm reading about a day in the life of Neha Venkatesh! :P
Good work gurl! :)