Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet tender love....

Her sweet breath on his neck,

She gasps, her chest heaving up and down,

His one day stubble against her face,

And there appears, an instant frown,

He caresses her trembling body,

As she melts into his arms,

Their heavy breathing fills the room,

Which is otherwise, so calm,

Their parched lips meet, slowly, tenderly,

In a sweet embrace,

And they make tender love to each other,

In all its beauty and grace,

Her slightly wet hair tickles him,

And he lets out a sigh,

Her flushed body against his own,

Curled up on the bed, they lie,

Oblivious to the existence of anyone else,

Gazing into each other’s eyes,

The two bodies, unite into one soul,

Under the starry skies……

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Toast - To Words!!!

I was born, struggling with thoughts,

Too many, too soon,

And within a few days of life,

You stepped in, like a boon,

Shaping each thought,

Making it heard,

The medium through which,

All my questions were answered...

I took you for granted sometimes,

Many still do,

But there isn't much meaning,

To the world, without you,

And I felt, it's unjust,

How poorly you are understood,

So I wrote you a toast,

For, that's the least I could!!!

Sometimes as silly phrases,

Sometimes as expressions of care,

Sometimes as vented anger,

When life seems all unfair,

You come to my rescue,

Whenever I feel out of place,

And when the world leaves my side,

It is in you, that I find solace...

Life bestowed many gifts on me,

You, undoubtedly, one of the best,

For you bring out the best in me,

And make me feel blessed,

Thank you, oh, dear words,

For never ever failing me,

Cheers to your greatness,

I raise this one to thee!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why hate mediocrity???

What is it about mediocrity,

That people so despise?,

The way i see it, it gives you,

An eternal opportunity to rise!

Stuck in the middle somewhere,

There's always a burning desire to win,

All the same, you have the humility to give up,

But never to give in!

And you know your place, you are secure,

In the midst of brilliant and poor,

And since you can go either way,

You work harder to be sure...

You neither have the greed for victory,

Nor, the fear of loss,

For somehow, you've seen both sides of the coin,

Both, heads and tails, of a toss...

So don't hate being mediocre,

Because it gives you no reason to regret,

Mediocrity is a boon, it gives you a choice,

That others, often, do not get!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life is beautiful... :)

Life has it's ups and downs,

But life is always fair,
Joys and sorrows, good and bad,
Are always in equal share...

Don't get disheartened if you fall,
Get up, smile, and grow,
Achieve all that you can, in life,
And your worth, to the world, show....

Don't cry if you fail,
For someday you'll pass,
Take care of your little heart,
Which is as brittle as glass!

And while you learn to smile,
Teach others just the same,
Spread smiles all over,
For yourself, earn a name...

Life is beautiful, if you think,
Life is beautiful, if you say,
And with the right attitude,
Every day is a beautiful day!

P.S. Wrote this one long ago.... Thanks Shreyas Vaidya for preserving this one ... :)... Had forgotten about this one totally!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The irony called 'life'...

I lie in my grave, peacefully,

As the world mourns my loss,

My stony eyes, crave tears of joy,

I waited so long for this applause,

But I lived a life, unrecognized,

Not appreciated for my skills,

The only thing that egged me on,

Was my adamant will,

And today I rest, a content man,

I care not for your words now,

Yet, you lament my loss as if,

You cared too much for me, somehow,

I want to laugh till I cry,

How funny an irony, indeed,

That a man has to actually die for,

The world to recognise his deeds!!!

Life is too short... Please learn to appreciate people around you before it's too late!!! :)

P.S. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The bird that couldn't fly!!!!!

The bird stood on the edge alone,

And shuddered at the thought,

Of flying away, without support,

What if he were to fall off?

He remembered what his peers had said,

"Your wings are too tiny, they cannot bear

Your weight, oh, poor dear,

You wouldn't last two seconds in air!"

He turned around and looked at dad,

Surely he'd have something to say,

Daddy shrugged his shoulders, and said,

"Chum, I'm sorry, you need to find your own way!"

Tears welling up, he ran to mom,

She gave him a half-hearted nod,

With doubtful eyes, she let out a sigh,

And he could tell, she wasn't too proud...

He went up to bro, surely he would know,

But bro was too busy to hear,

And so birdie walked off, with a heavy heart,

Filled with insecurity and fear...

And little birdie stood alone on the edge,

And dared not, step off the ledge,

The poor little bird that couldn't fly,

How I wish you had let him try!!!