Saturday, April 28, 2012

If only memories were,
Written on a slate,
And I could wipe them off,
Before they sealed my fate,
And left me craving,
To be with you again,
Crying, Screaming,
Writhing in pain...

And if given a choice,
My life, I would write,
With graphite,
So I could erase off,
All the things,
That remind me of you,
And start over new,
But alas, however much I try,
No eraser works in real life!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank you for breaking my heart...

Expectations when not fulfilled,
Hurt one like hell,
Who will leave your side and when,
No one can really tell,
Each soul who enters your life,
Sooner or later departs,
So, thank you for breaking my heart... :)

Love and care are seldom returned,
Appreciation though sought is usually never given,
Each man, in the end, is for himself,
And every action, after all, is motive driven,
More often than not,
Trust is ripped apart,
So, thank you for breaking my heart... :)

And sometimes we end up living in dreams,
Conveniently ignoring what reality has in store,
And every once in a while, someone makes us bleed,
Preparing us to deal with more,
Everyone has to face pain and hurt,
Of life, they form an integral part,
So, thank you for breaking my heart... :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

To Pink Floyd.... The greatest band ever!!!

My version of Pink Floyd's 'Wish you were here'. Though it's not even half as good as their amazing original, just my way of paying a tribute to them... :)

"Come, come lets go back again, To where there's no pain,
Walking hand in hand,
With autumn leaves crumbling under,
Lets conquer the lands,
High mountains and desert sands...

Come lets go back again,
We'll have stories to tell,
Of all our conquests,
Of glory and love,
Drifting through and rising above,
All pain and despair,
We'll teach them to care,
Just hold my hand for once,
And all will be fair...

How I wish, how I wish you were here,
There's nothing, without you, that I can do,
Am all alone here,
Waiting for you to spread your arms,
And make me calm,
I'd have no fears,
If you were here...."

Adios, my love....

It's time....
To let go of the memories,
That I held onto for so long,
And allow you to move on,
Towards brighter tomorrows....
And so....
I carry them, snugly resting in my arms,
To the graveyard,
I dig their grave with a heavy heart,
My tears, I hope, they'll keep them warm for a while,
I lay them in slowly and seal it up,
The grave is sealed now, the burial successful,
And I walk away with pain in my eyes,
The rains aren't far,
Soon lilies shall bloom,
And the gentle winds will carry your scent to me,
I promise, I'll surely pay them a visit then,
But for now, let our memories rest in bliss,
Adios, my love,
And peace be with you!!! :)

The ink of sorrow...

What do I write,
With the ink of sorrow?,
The pain of the past,
Or the fears of tomorrow?

The ink of sorrow,
Made with the tears that fall,
It has no colour,
Can't be seen by all....

But the ink of sorrow,
it carries many a tale,
Of woe and dispair,
And of the times when words fail....

The ink of sorrow, it's precious,
You need to pay a huge price,
No begging, borrowing or stealing can fetch you,
It demands sacrifice!

Lest someday my tears run dry,
The ink of sorrow, Where do I store?,
For sometimes you simply fail to cry,
Where do I go then, for the want of more??!!

The snowman...

The jolly snowman, he stands alone,
His undying smile hides the hardships he’s borne,
The inhuman cold, the frigid bites,
The tiresome days, and the lonely nights,
He waits on, in the deadly breeze,
For the shining sun, and the lush trees,
And when spring strikes, he stands in wonder,
When all of a sudden, the earth starts shaking under,
He melts, his tears unseen, his unheard screams,
Down he flows away, right into the stream,
The poor snowman who makes everyone smile,
Life gives him no joy, not even for a while,
The poor snowman, who brooks those deadly stings,
Alas, he’ll never know the warmth of spring....

That one whip lash....

That one whip lash....
That one whip lash,
Tore through my flesh,
Down to my soul
That one whip lash,
Shattering me to parts,
That can never become whole....

All I can see now,
Is the painful deep gash,
Of that one whip lash
The ineffable fear,
Still pervades my mind,
And All I can hear now,
Is the thundering thrash,
Of that one whip lash....