Saturday, December 20, 2008

I will always be "me"....

The rules of the world,
Are but so strange,
I love myself,
Yet I am forced to change,
Yes, I am a new person now,
For the world to see,
But deep down inside,
I will always be "me"!!!


Rajesh said...

That was nice...but as a matter of fact, I'm the person inside outside too...i don change 4 the heck of it... anyways that was really apt 4 many who are fickle-minded

The Lover said...

It's better to be 'me' than what you are expected to be.

Kartz said...

Multum, in parvo.

Change is the only thing that is constant. And change is part of everyone's life.


Thank you for the kind words. Yes, feels euphoric to be back.

And well, I don't eulogize with people (and what they write) for the heck of it. So, you jolly well deserved it buddy! Congratulations! :)

Peace. Have a great weekend.

Rohan said...

Totally agree..a change is for ones own adapt to the mould yourself to live a happy life..I did..and i am happy..!!

But when no ones around..I remove my shield/armour and be me ..:P

Your think tank is always upto something creative...loved it..!!

the pink orchid said...

that's what makes you "u"nique.. dont lose the spark..not for the world
keep writing..