Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Two Princes....

My attempt to write a ballad...

Two princes born to the same king,
One evil, the other good,
Two different buds of the same plant,
The irony, never understood!

They both grew with time,
In thoughts and in actions too,
One became wicked and cruel,
The other, righteous and true.

As time passed by, days and years,
The king of the land grew old,
He wondered, “which one should be crowned?,
The king’s position, which one should hold?”

The evil one already knew,
That the natural choice was the other,
But the devil inside him rose,
Wanting to get rid of his brother.

He poisoned his brother’s food,
With the deadliest poison known,
“I always win”, he said to himself,
And rejoiced all alone.

That night fate played a game,
And the royal maid fell ill,
Her daughter accidently exchanged,
The plate intended to kill.

In his chamber alone,
The evil prince choked, went out of breath,
The poison supposed to put an end to his brother,
Was taking him closer to his own death!

Inside him a voice spoke,
It bellowed loud and clear,
“As you sow, so shall you reap”,
“What you do will come back to you, dear!”

The evil prince perished,
He had paid for his sins,
Its true, what they say,
Over evil, good always wins!


Anonymous said...

wow beautiful poem, great rhyming and moral too!! :D

Kartz said...
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Kartz said...

Wowee... :)

Liked the flow, though the rhyming did seem forced at certain places.

Nevertheless, good 'un! I am sure you will go one better at your next attempt. Bonne chance!


Rohan said...

Everyone although has a good and a bad, which one is the most dominating makes the difference.

For starters this is brilliant stuff..keep it up :)