Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The miner....

The miner digs,
Nice and slow,
Dust and sweat mingle to form,
Droplets on his brow,
He traverses,
Underground tunnels and caves,
Through day and night,
He only slaves,
Darkness engulfs him,
There's no light,
His destination, for sure,
Is out of sight,
His crude hands blacken,
As he digs through the coal,
But all he cares of,
Is to reach his goal,
He is strong and determined,
And continues to mine,
Till finally in his path,
Precious diamonds shine,
From the humble miner, we have,
Lots of lessons to learn,
Work hard, don't give up,
And success will come to you in return!!!


Anonymous said...

very nice poem...just one typo..

"as he digs through the cola" :P

Kartz said...

Will comment soon.

In the meanwhile, something awaits your ladyship here -

And yeah, blog updated at long last...

Kartz said...

What goes around, comes around...

A recital that everyone can relate to. Neat!

Peace. Have a great weekend.

Phew! Back at long last. Blog updated. It aint showing up on any blogroll. x(

Hope all is well.


Rajesh said...

Yeah...good...just like the echo...u get back wat u give...