Wednesday, May 15, 2013


How much can a sponge really soak?,
And how much can it really hold?,
It grows heavy with the burden,
And starts looking wrinkled and old…

So unless it's squeezed out once in a while,
It’s going to be overloaded for sure,
Letting go of some of the burden,
Is probably, the only reliable cure…

Why then clutter the brain with hate?,
And then wonder why it feels so heavy inside,
How much is the sponge going to withstand,
And how much can it afford to hide?

Why not do away with animosity and despair,
Make it airy and light once more?,
Free of unwanted and negative thoughts,
There’s so much more that it can store…

Let the mind be free and clear,
And you’ll be astonished at what all it can do,
Cleanse off the mind’s sponge and make it light,
And it will always remain as good as new…!!!