Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fall from grace...

Encash upon it till you have the chance,
Opportunity strikes only once on your door,
Glory shall last a day or two,
Praise, maybe a bit more...

What stays though is the struggle,
And the vicious tentacles of fate,
And long before you realise,
You end up biting the bait...

Illusions, then, cloud your vision,
You feel you deserve it all,
You imagine everyone's on your side,
Till you encounter that mighty fall...

You slog and give it all you can,
After all it's for your kith and kin,
You don't care about losing a few battles,
For in their victories, lie your wins...

But, ouch, all of a sudden, the damage is done,
Before you know, a slap in your face,
Unexpected, unthought of, unbelievable,
There it comes, your fall from grace!!!