Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Never belittle love....

Never belittle love,
It is a selfless feeling,
That'll envelop you and make you safe,
From the cruel stinging realities of life...
And when life has nothing to offer,
Love will make it worth living,
Giving you the strength of a million raging bulls,
It ll egg you on to live...

Never belittle love,
It has the power to heal,
It'll be hiding in nooks and corners you never knew of,
And take you completely by surprise,
In times when wounds and aches are commonplace,
And the heart never tires of pain,
Love will soothe you and make you feel alive...

Never belittle love,
Who knows when you ll be needing it the most,
And it'll suddenly be out of reach,
Hold on to it like you hold on to each breath,
And feel it like you feel each heartbeat,
Let it guide you through failures and fears,
Open your arms wide,
And soak it all in... 

Never belittle love,
And dont be afraid to reciprocate it,
For believe it or not, love can only grow stronger,
It knows not what it is to be weak,
And all it asks for is to be returned,
In whatever way you find it best,
Nuture it and value its worth,
And you are sure to find heaven on earth!!!

P.S. A big thank you to Preeti Shenoy and her novel 'Life is what you make it' that inspired me to come up with this :)