Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Rainy Disaster....

It was raining cats and dogs that morning. I looked out of the window and cursed my luck. “Why does it have to rain just when I am running late for an interview?”, I thought. Nonetheless, I stepped out of my house.

I was shivering under my umbrella, screaming my lungs out for a taxi. Just then a strong breeze blew and overturned my umbrella, making it look like a ‘dish antenna’. The wicked rain waiting for this very moment totally drenched me.

Finally I got a taxi. Thanking God, I hurriedly got inside. “Bhaiyaji, jaldi karo”, I told the driver. But I guess it was a day for disasters. The taxi got a flat tyre and I was forced to take another cab.

Somehow I managed to reach the office for my interview. As I got out of the cab I checked myself out in the rear-view mirror, and to my utmost horror I was looking like the female version of Rambo with make-up smudged all over my face. Making a mental note to use water-proof make-up next time, I ran into the office.

That interview was the worst interview of my life. Not only was I spanked for reaching late, but also insulted to no end. As I stepped out of the office, it was still raining. Looking at the rain, I felt a strange sort of happiness inside. I ran out like a silly kid and felt the rain drops on my face. I jumped in the puddles, played with the rain drops and went home a happy girl!!!

I had finally realized that life is not always about success, achievement, power, money…. Not always about running a rat race. Sometimes, life is just about plain simple pleasure, about living for the moment, about enjoying each bit of it!! The magical rain had poured down and washed away my pain!!


vandana balakrisnan said...

aah,,it was fresh in the beginnning, bt it sort of ended hurriedly,unlike your interview , i assume :P