Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoke and ash....

A throat, so parched,
With burning desire,
And the heat inside,
Smoldering, like fire,
I try to gulp some spirit,
But instantly spit out flames,
I search frantically for some respite,
To keep myself sane,
With trembling hands I light,
That tiny little match,
The fatal stick in my mouth,
Starts blazing in a flash,
Coughing up clouds,
I sit in a haze,
Caught up in this,
Self-created maze,
Startled I get up,
I don't want to surrender to fate,
And drown myself like this,
In this pool of hate,
Pangs of sorrow set in,
And I writhe on the floor,
The pain disables me, I scream,
But I say to myself, no more,
I get up and destroy,
All your remnants that enfeeble me,
I watch with bated breath,
As the flames engulf each memory,
Soon I realise, I never did need,
The crutches of tobacco or hash,
All I needed to see, to set myself free,
Was, your vestiges reducing,
To smoke and ash...!!!

P.S. Kill the pain... not yourself!!! \m/