Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quitter's woe....

Whoever said quitting is easy,

It's the toughest thing to do,
To admit, after all, to oneself,
That you probably don't have it in you....

A quitter's agony can only be seen,
Through a quitter's own eyes,
He's someone who knows he can't succeed,
However much he tries....

And until a man has tried enough,
A man will never rest,
And a quitter does not quit before,
Putting himself to test....

Then why is it, that a quitter,
Appears like a loser to all,
He's just someone too tired of falling,
And simply wants, a chance to stand tall....

A quitter once, is not a quitter always,
But the world often forces him to be,
And in a world, so blinded by hate,
A quitter can't help but quit totally!!!!


charcoals said...

I for all, wondered that why is it that such a brilliant post didn't cater even a single comment??

I am loving it.
Maybe its because I can almost relate to it.
I am dwindling in two extremes, to quit or to resist and continue the struggle i am through.


I think i enjoyed it alot. quitting or no quitting! interesting i say.


Mona said...

asbah... it's so good to hear from you.. hope all is well... u promised to write to me... u still havent.. i am still waiting for ur mail... keep me posted... stay blessed... may god bless u with loads of joy, laughter and cheer... !! wish you a happy new year.. keep in touch and take care.. :)