Thursday, November 17, 2011

The shadow in the dark...

Creeping up stealthily,
That shadow in the dark,
Muffled footsteps kill the silence,
The contrast, so stark,
The air, still, no more,
Screeching winds start to blow,
My heartbeats rise and sink,
As fears start to grow,
He walks slowly towards me,
Surprisingly unarmed,
And I think to myself
He can do me, no harm,
For he seems so fragile,
I almost instantly pity his state,
Not once do I doubt,
That his appearance could be a bait,
I raise my hand to ward him off,
He retraces, taken aback,
I tighten my fists, point them at him,
I can hear my knuckles crack,
Suddenly he starts moving towards me,
His grimness changes to a malicious grin.
And instantly, a shiver runs down my spine,
His confidence, makes my head spin,
A gust of wind, appears from nowhere,
The Window panes start to creak,
And through his firmly clenched teeth,
He slowly and carefully speaks,
Oh ignorant fool, so full of yourself.
Have you no sense, don't you know,
And didn't it ever occur to you,
That it takes light, to form a shadow....


..........Lithium.......... said...

there's a very personal reason/ experience that makes this very frightening for me..... but yes, it does take light to create a shadow.... brilliant poem