Thursday, November 24, 2011

The house of cards...

The house of cards stood precariously,

Trembling under the weight of its floors,
She didn't foresee, any calamity,
Simply kept adding more and more...

Each card she placed, whether jack or ace,
Made her swell with pride,
The captivating beauty was all she could see,
She never saw the dangers that it did hide...

And slowly, her faith grew fairly strong,
With passion and zeal, she built on,
Never once did she falter, or stop to think,
That some day it could all be gone...

And so, the house stood, strong and tall,
It spoke of beauty and grace,
But soon a mighty gust of wind blew,
Demolishing it, leaving behind no trace...

Slowly she picked up, card after card,
Her heart stricken with grief and pain,
Each scattered card, a shattered dream,
She never managed to build the house again!!!!


Maverick said...

The rhyme-scheme impeccable as usual...beautifully rendered! tc! :)

Mona said...

Thanks gaurav... !!