Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why hate mediocrity???

What is it about mediocrity,

That people so despise?,

The way i see it, it gives you,

An eternal opportunity to rise!

Stuck in the middle somewhere,

There's always a burning desire to win,

All the same, you have the humility to give up,

But never to give in!

And you know your place, you are secure,

In the midst of brilliant and poor,

And since you can go either way,

You work harder to be sure...

You neither have the greed for victory,

Nor, the fear of loss,

For somehow, you've seen both sides of the coin,

Both, heads and tails, of a toss...

So don't hate being mediocre,

Because it gives you no reason to regret,

Mediocrity is a boon, it gives you a choice,

That others, often, do not get!!!!