Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Toast - To Words!!!

I was born, struggling with thoughts,

Too many, too soon,

And within a few days of life,

You stepped in, like a boon,

Shaping each thought,

Making it heard,

The medium through which,

All my questions were answered...

I took you for granted sometimes,

Many still do,

But there isn't much meaning,

To the world, without you,

And I felt, it's unjust,

How poorly you are understood,

So I wrote you a toast,

For, that's the least I could!!!

Sometimes as silly phrases,

Sometimes as expressions of care,

Sometimes as vented anger,

When life seems all unfair,

You come to my rescue,

Whenever I feel out of place,

And when the world leaves my side,

It is in you, that I find solace...

Life bestowed many gifts on me,

You, undoubtedly, one of the best,

For you bring out the best in me,

And make me feel blessed,

Thank you, oh, dear words,

For never ever failing me,

Cheers to your greatness,

I raise this one to thee!!!